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Shutter Island

In 1954, Federal Police Officer Teddy and his partner Chuck took a boat to the psychiatric prison on the Confinement Island near Boston to investigate a bizarre disappearance. The female prisoner Rachel, who was born with her own flesh and blood, escaped mysteriously from the heavily guarded cell and hid in the depths of the island.

Teddy suspects that John Cowley, the chief psychiatrist at the prison, deliberately concealed the inside story, and revealed to Chuck that his true purpose of going to the island was actually to find the administrator who set fire to his wife Dolores and expose the US government's use of mental illness. The crime of a prisoner conducting human science experiments. But as the investigation deepens, the truth has become more and more confusing...

Miss Sloane

Ms. Sloan, a political lobbyist calling for trouble in Washington, did not hesitate to sacrifice her career to urge the government to implement stricter federal laws to regulate guns in the context of successive shootings in the United States.

The female protagonist in this film is also a lobbyist, but she is not to achieve any political ideals, but purely professional needs. The company she works for accepts money from various politicians, wins public support for their political ideas and policies, and persuades members of Congress to support the bill. Different from ancient times, today's lobbyist companies are highly specialized. They must be familiar with the law, have information about members of Congress and their family members, and they must create topics to guide public opinion and even create fake public opinion to find people to demonstrate. In a word, in order to achieve the client's political goals, we must not scrutinize any means, but we must also protect ourselves and walk on the edge of the law.


Adrian runs a technology company with a thriving career. He has a beautiful and virtuous wife and a lively and lovely daughter in his family. He is the envy of others who have a good career and family. However, the ambitious Adrian did not cherish his hard-won life. He has always maintained a physical relationship with a female photographer named Laura.

After a tryst one day, the two drove out of the villa, but there was a car accident on the road. In order to cover up the truth of the incident, the two decided to sink the young man Daniel, who died in the car accident, into the bottom of the lake with his car. Later, Laura met a kind old man. The old man took Laura's broken car home and repaired it. However, what Laura did not expect was that this old man turned out to be Daniel's father.