Never define your happiness according to others

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Happiness is something that comes from within yourself. It is a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

When you are happy you are free from every negativity and feels positive for most of your work.

But in today's world when we get happy we are still not happy , do you know why ?

It is because we aren't happy in real but we make our heart tell us that we are happy. And why do we do that ?

We have defined happiness According to others and that's the reason for all this blunder.

if someone is happy in going to a gym we start going to gym , if someone likes playing any particular game we try that too. we start copying others to stay happy.

Like this we are actually not finding happiness but copying it from others and happiness is not the thing that can be copied.

So don't follow other's, do not let them define happiness for yourself and define happiness for you yourself.

If someone is happy doing regular exercise that's good for them , maybe for you happiness is listening to music.

maybe for someone happiness is going to the parties and dancing but for you it might being all alone in the nature.

It is totally ok and you need not think seperated from anyone just because you have find happiness in something else.

It is your choice and you should follow it not what others are following. so stop doing this blunder with your life.

Thank You