The Cat Family And Their Master

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Welcome to tulip's blog! Today in this blog I'll share a real life story of a cat and it's family. The story is from real life and I'm the witness of the story.

The cat family is very popular in social media and youtube as it's owner make funny videos with her cat family and they have huge fan followers. Recently something really very sad happened to them and become the part of this cat family story.

Before starting let me introduce the cat family members. A cat name puchi is consider as the daughter of it's owner name Tapushi. She loves her cats like a mother. Puchi had a husband name Hamba who recently died, reason of the death was urine infection and some other disease.

Hamba and pochi cat has kids and some other cats are also part of Tapushi's family and she named her social media page on her beloved cat name puchi and she consider this cat as her daughter. Name of the page or channel is Puchi family Hamba is puchi's husband. She had around thousands videos on her cat family. She own the silver play button from youtube.

Tapushi recently brought a new cat name Alo and the cat had serious disease but she was not aware of it. When her other cats affected by the cat name Alo she checked the previous record of this cat and the owner of this can confess the truth that Alo cat's parents got died by this difficult disease and she sold this cat. Tapushi got sick after the death of her cat name Hamba and this cat was a kind of celebrity cat. It was grumpy healthy cute white cat. But unfortunately it died.

Fan and followers are writing consolation notes on humba's death and Tapushi's sickness. Tapushi is a great cat lover and she always take care of her cats like her own kids. She has huge virtual fans as she make cute videos on her cat. Today she bought flowers for her cat's grave and she treats her cats like human.

Hope she will recover this grief of losing her favorite cat. Cats are like family and when they die it hurt us really very badly. I wish puchi family's good health and happy days.

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