Just because I love you(A true life story from a friend)

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The day we met, I couldn't really back of this feelings in me. He so much adored me that I felt his presence every single seconds. He called me on daily basis. Checked on me. My welfare became his concern. He promised me heaven on Earth.

At first, he was the Best thing a woman could ever dream of having. I felt so much adored, cherished and loved.

Wow, I thought it was happiness.

A day came, he told me he can't do without me. I was the happiness woman on Earth.
We did things together.
We shared ideas together.
We walked to God together.

He promised never to leave.
I promised never to leave.

He said am everything he seek in Prayer.
I said his the only breathe I needed to breathe.

He said we are now one.
I said yes that's true

He told me that my body is now his.
I kept quiet for a while.

He looked at me and ask me if I didn't love him anymore.
I told him I do.

Moreover, I have taken this decision not to have sex till marriage.

He started telling me how I was so precious, loving, adoring and what the Lord has used me to change in his life. He remind me that he was not going to disappoint or fail me.

I loved him and I don't want to lose him.
I replied him that my body is his.

We had sex!!
I felt something leaving me 😩

Next time we still sex!!

Oh! It was sweet!!!
What I had been missing!!

He changed his confession at me.
No longer cherishs me.
No regular calls.

His level of attention ran dry.

My life was always wanting him.
My body seeking him.

My vision gone😔
My direction gone😔

The light I thought I had became darkness!!!

We are still dating but we are no longer in accord.
The pleasure took over us.
Love died!!!!

The pleasure became love.

At a level, my life became a total mess.
The fire ceased!!!

I wanted to prove to him how much I loved him and right now am drowning 😔

Two abortions for him 😭😭

And I still tell my self I love him, that am not gonna give up.

Little did I know that I gave up the moment I had sexual intercourse with him.
Little did I know that the love a claim to have for him was lust.
Little did I know that I sold my crown for a cloud full of cast.


My soul wept😭😭😭😭😭
Because I love him, I overlooked my covenant with my first Love.

Because I thought I love him, I took over pleasure instead of treasure.

The love I thought I had for him, took my life in wearing.


How I wish I could have another chance to tell him that we don't have to do it untill the exact time.

How I wish I submitted completely to Christ so that he will seek for me there.

I burn my world with sorrow and regret and I pray the ladies out there becomes a lady that when any man wants them, he will first seek them in Christ 😭😭😭


#pray it blesses your soul 🙏
#teaches u#
#And gives u a second thought

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