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In this world, some people seem to be stupid but are clever, and some are clever but are stupid.

So, what kind of person is smart? What kind of people are stupid people?

I can't say clearly, because there is no absolute standard for being smart, but in my opinion, smart people don't make trouble, don't complain, and don't fight.

No trouble

To be angry is to punish oneself with other people's mistakes, impulse, to harm oneself with stupid behavior, this is all irrational behavior, smart people will not do this.

Because they understand that being angry and impulsive is not good for them, only bad, not worth it.

Therefore, smart people know how to adjust their mentality, control their tempers, keep their emotions stable, and they can always deal with everything calmly.

Not complain

Life is always unsatisfactory, life is always unsatisfactory, maybe some unsatisfactory, unsatisfactory, it is caused by others, but you must not blame others, because you blame others, you will make yourself resentful, smart people will not Did this.

Smart people, no matter what problems they encounter, will not blame others, because they understand that they are the root of everything. Only by seeking inward and seeking themselves can they truly solve the problem.

Besides, it doesn't make much sense to blame others. Starting from yourself, you can achieve a better version of yourself. Isn't this a better choice?

Not competing

People always have gains and losses, winning and losing, success or failure, if you have to fight, then you are bound to be obsessed with the difference between success and failure.

Smart people don't compete for success or failure. They don't care about success or failure. Regardless of success or failure, they do their best to be themselves.

It is precisely because of this that they are not surprised when they encounter problems, they can always deal with all problems rationally and calmly, and walk the life path calmly and gracefully.


Write at the end

Learn to be a smart person, one is not making trouble, two is not complaining, and the third is not fighting, so you will win!

May you be positive and optimistic and have a good day every day!