Daily diary of a yogurt lover.


16 September 200
One of my favorite thing to do is having a diary but I don't have it since I was teen now I want try this experience and having a hive diary, a daily diary if I have enough time, another thing I love to do is eat, after the ice cream when the weather is warm is the yogurt, I had this one its very tasty with chocolate and caramel on.
I need it like a gift because today I did my test for enter in the oss course, oss is the nurse primary assistant and it will be important for my future study it, I still don't know the result of the test but I am proud that I do it, I was so scared initially, I studied hard also if I worked all summer in a house for elders as a assistant, it was an hard job but give me lot of satisfaction
All my friends call me today and ask me about the test, I feel so stressed, I don't want any expectations.

So I decide to have a free day, I just read eat my yogurt and than cook for the dinner and the lunch.
I ended the book Tony and Susan, amazing, I will review it soon as possible in a video..

So that's all for today.

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