Happy Birthday, Steem Durian, Collaboration and Let's join with us

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Hello Steempreneurs,

Before I share my story on a friend birthday night. Let me explain the basic idea of ​​establishing Steem Entrepreneur Community.

ENTREPRENEURS are an important population in social life and have an important role in the economy of a country. Entrepreneurs also have special personalities and characteristics such as visionary, honest, disciplined, creative and innovative, committed, have personal skills, independent and realistic. Entrepreneurs are easygoing people who always go with the flow, take new opportunities that come along, don't get stuck in certain mindset and accept change and even criticism. Successful entrepreneurs can turn a bad situation into an advantage.

Based on the advantages and privileges of the characteristics of an entrepreneur. We took the initiative to form a community for entrepreneurs as a forum to unite vision and goals to take part together and collaborate with cross-sectors for the advancement of steemit in the future. You can read about our vision and mission in Steem Entrepreneurs Community Introduction. We are happy to invite entrepreneurs and stemians to join us in one line to work and spread information about steem.com and steemit.com through the business and advertising sectors.


3jpR3paJ37V8JxyWvtbhvcm5k3roJwHBR4WTALx7XaoRovUXqG3uphKsLjiBPxppLqZphMERMBpFoXKV29kQAbphyyNf1MAMrNgpwKbmSMZouzxbxpvpYayUBRZuo74bjU3dY.jpegMorning Coffee and Steem Discussion with El-Nailul, Harferri and Heriadi | Image : El-Nailul

The story with manager @steem.amal began on the night before the date changed at Alfat Coffee Shop. While drinking coffee we chatted and discussed a lot about steemit, especially the progress of steem entrepreneur community that we initiated. Just at the minute of change of date, El-Nailul favorite daughter called and wished her beloved father Happy Birthday. Of course, those of us who heard their love chat were delighted with decreasing age of our friend. Our prayers are also with you for success at the age of 42 years.

After her daughter ended the conversation, her illness began to recur with an invitation to eat durian at her house. Of course it's a good idea to say so during the day. But it's midnight! because @el-nailul is having a birthday, finally me and @heriadi accept the offer. We traveled for 45 minutes from Alfat Coffee Shop to his house. In the dark with a flashlight from a smartphone. We started collecting durians that fell from the trees. Incidentally, the durian garden is not far from the location of his house.




At 03.00 am, we arrived at @heriadi house and just rested at 05.00 am. We woke up at 07.00 am then drank Hero Platinum Coffee Shop until 12.00 am. El Nailul and I were involved in a lot of discussions and heard firsthand how the struggle for the formation of @steem.amal from the beginning to succesfull and useful for people. I have noted many points related to dynamics and management in a community. Thanks for the input and wise advice. Well, this guy is smart and high mobility. Three hours of sleep for every day. No.. it can kill me bro !


Durian fruit has its own fans and haters, but it is undeniable that this fruit is very famous in Indonesia. The fruit which is also known as "The King of Fruits" is a tropical plant originating from Southeast Asian countries. The nickname of durian as "The King of Fruits" was pinned by Alfred Russel Wallace, a botanist.

Durian fruit is usually sold at a unit price of kilograms or unit price of fruit Some are sold in simple packaging made of plastic. Durian fruit has good business prospects because durian fans come from various circles and economic classes. Business competition requires sellers to be innovative for the best service to consumers.

IMG_20210716_185148.jpgProduct Illustration

In Indonesia, durian is still rarely sold in luxury packaging. This segment is interesting to explore with packaging using the Steem Logo to target middle class economic consumers. They mostly come from big businessmen, officials and employees of the company. These people have busy work schedules so social media is only used to create status and are rarely interested in advertisements or promos on Facebook, Twitter or other media. Business products like this can attract their attention to get to know STEEM with its advantages as an investment asset. Products like this become an effective medium to steal their attention from the middle class economy as investors.

Steem Entrepreneurs is committed to creating products with the steem logo as an effort to spread information about Steem and Steemit for a wider reach. The short-term work plan will soon be released on the @steem.enterprise community account. We will start with home industry business products according to voluntary funds from the team of steem entrepreneurs. We have confidence that with hard work the steem logo products for the middle or upper economic class will be realized for long-term program. We really hope for moral support from all stemians for the success of this program as well as assistance from @steemcurator01 so that this idea and message can be conveyed more widely. We believe there are entrepreneurs and steemians with strong finances who can immediately release steem logo products to target the rich as investors.

Best regards,


Steem Entrepreneurs Team
@Harferri - Admin
@irawandedy - Admin
@sofian88 - Mod
@tucsond - Mod

 5 months ago (edited)

Amazing bro... It's fantastic

I hope steemcurator01 see it

 5 months ago 

Come on guys, we work harder

 5 months ago (edited)

Happy 42nd Birthday To My Friend @el-nailul. Wish you good health always.
Amazing celebrating birthday with Steem Durian. Very Cool.

 5 months ago 

Luxury packaging with steem logo will make this kind of business as a form of promotion steem

 5 months ago 

Thank you for taking time to discuss with me the possibility of collaboration for steem education, investing and power up for newcomers. Glad we were involved for good cooperation.


 5 months ago 

Amazing, if it happens I think it will be awesome

 5 months ago 

Thanks for support @subkiusman, it can be relalised ..

 5 months ago 

kerennnn gass keunnnn jangan kasih kendor lagi rencanannya itu @harferri

 5 months ago 

Siap !
Thanks for support @el-nailul

bisa ne promosiin barang dagangan saya bg hehhehhehe @harferri

 5 months ago (edited)

Sangat bisa @akbar2468, bisa dimulai dengan subcribe komunitas steem entrepreneurs kemudian promosikan produk dagangan roneuh..

Kami akan membantu semaksimal mungkin untuk kelancaran usaha @akbar2468 dengan meresteem postingan dengan akun komunitas @steempreneurship ...saleum

klheh lon subcribe bg 💪
get akan segera lon promosikan dagangan panahan lon, hehehe sangat bermanfaat satu akses dan awal yang baik buat saya..
siap akan di resteem..

 5 months ago 

Terimakasih sudah bergabung, mudah-mudahan bermanfaat untuk semua entrepreneur ..


get, bg..siap 💪😎👍 @harferri

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