My Truth

in CampusConnectlast month (edited)


Good evening everyone, here's a poem I wrote sometime last month when I was feeling confused about a major decision I was about taking;


If I'm wrong, no I don't want to be right
I made a beautiful mistake
God's Truth! But it's my truth now
You'd think I'd live with regrets, no I have memories
I'd make them treasures just for keeps sake and since it was fun, I'd probably relive them
But it's a part of me that I'll get to tell, a part of me I'll have to shut out.
If I'm wrong, no I don't want to be right I got my happy ending but not a forever after,
God's Truth! It's the real truth
They say I'm wrong, but the mistake was really beautiful
If I'm wrong, I probably I'm right.

Thank you
@campus connect
@white stallion
For the opportunity to be able to share my art that is, writing