Announcing Campus Games- The first championship game on steemit....

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Hello friends and welcome to our blog today, we happy and grateful for the kind reception and support we have received from the whole community as a whole. We have seen a big spike in the number of subscribers and active posters.

Thank You to all of our Subscribers

We have been building here on campus connect and exploring new ways to engage and keep recruits active and relevant to the steemit community. We have many ideas still under development, but we are ready to unveil one of the latest projects.

Campus Games

What is Campus Games

Campus games are a fun and interesting project aimed at engaging active steemains while receiving rewards for the things they love to do. This project is taking a special approach towards creativity and originality creating a channel for creative and active members on steemit to win cool prizes while doing the thing they know how to do best.

Campus games will offer an interesting and fun way to keep members active and engaged with campus connect community. This project will run like a championship campaign with 3 only three teams winning the prizes.

We will involve interesting and unique games where steeemians contest for the top spot as a team. Each game will be featured for the week and teams will face off each other head to head and the team with the highest number of votes in the pools will qualify for the next stage.



We are starting up with just 4 games we will be adding more games to this list. These games are

  • Writing Competition (Creative Writing, Project review, Poems, and Fiction writing, etc)

  • Original Music or Cover of an existing Music.

  • Art(Portrait Drawing, Colour Painting, Digital Arts)

  • MediaWorks(Graphic designing and UI designs)

We will make an update on the games, we will provide rules and how each game will be played.

We will also appreciate suggestions from our friends about the games, which game are you most excited about, and which will you love to see on the list.

How it works

Campus games will feature just 4 games for starters with their unique rules attached to these games. We will implore a simple ranking system and winners selection system that is transparent and fair to all parties.

Basically, Campus games will feature tournaments and gaming competitions at different levels. For starters we are taking off with just 4 games and the games will run for 4 weeks. 1 week for each game, this schedule will allow for enough time for teams to submit their entries before the deadline of the Tournament.

Every team is expected to have 5 members who will play a vital role in its team success, they work together to deliver creativity and originality and contest with other teams. They must come up with an entry on each of the games as long as the game lasts.

A polling system will be implored on the 7th day of the week to determine the winners of the game for that week. After the deadline for entries, a 48 hours window will be used to vote for your favorites.

Active steemains will play the role of selecting the winners via their votes on their preferred interests. Active steemains all over the world are invited to vote on their favorite entry, winners will be selected by the number of votes they receive. Downvotes will not be counted.



We have made the rules of this project as simple as possible, so read all the rules carefully.

  • Active steemains are welcome to create a team, This tournament is not exclusively for campus connect members.

  • Only 5 members per team.

  • All entries must be original and free of plagiarism. If any trace of Palagrism is found in any team, they will be disqualified from the Tournament.

  • Team members must be active on steemit for at least 3 months and with an SP of 100.

  • Team leaders or captains will have to make a shortlist of their members and reply as a comment under this post using #myteam as a tag below the last name.

  • Participants will have to be active on steemit.

  • Participants should be subscribed members of campus connect.

  • Steemians with at least 100 SP are eligible to vote for the best entry of the week.

  • Polling will be open for 48 hours to allow steemains to vote for their favorite, at the end of this 48 hours window any vote coming afterward will not be counted.

  • A screenshot of the current numbers of the polls will be taken at the end of the timer.

  • Curation Trail voting will not be counted, voters will have to vote manually for the entry of their choice.


Teams and Points System

Campus games will be introducing a voting system as a consensus mechanism. Campus Connect team will not be selecting the winners, active steemians all over the world will vote and make their favorite entries winners of the tournament. On the 7th day of the tournament, a post will be made and steemians will be asked to vote for their best entry.

At the end of the polls, votes will be counted and the entry with the highest number of votes wins, followed by the second and the third.

A 5 man team will be implored, this is something similar to what we have seen here on steemit before with the diary game part 2, we saw the use of team in the challenge here. Players will create a team of active members here on steemit, they will play together as a team and compete for the grand prize.


Prize Pool/Ranking

The prize pool is not a fixed amount and can change from per tournament, we look to create a project worth your time and energy.

So for now, the prize pool is yet to be disclosed, we will provide updates on that in our next update post.

Campus games will feature only main three winners, three teams who were able to gain the highest number of points will take the top spot, followed by the second and the Third Team.



Campus game is proudly sponsored by campus connect community and supported by @whitestallion. We are open to more sponsors for this project. We will appreciate every assistance and support we receive on this project.


This project is still in the development stage and as such we are open to suggestions. We want to hear your thoughts so, use the comment section. We will review the suggestions and make a post to update the steemit community.

Campus games is scheduled to kick off on the 1st of June 2021


We thank @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for their solid support in the development of this community, we say a Big Thank You.


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Awesome project! I can't wait for game to begin. I wish and all participants success. I will help announce this project to my groups

 4 months ago 

It is a good project but it is a pity i wont be able to participate. Keep up the good work @whitestallion

 4 months ago 

What is your limitation, why can't you Join.

 4 months ago 

Reputation, steem power, account age.
Just too much

 4 months ago 

Thanks for your feedback, we will consider and provide an update on our next post.

Awesome, can't wait for this to start and to know ourselves and how the teamwork with go. Good work @whitestallion for the wonderful initiative. I am here full time in support.

 4 months ago 

We looking forward to the games too, it definitely going to be fun and exciting.

We look forward to the games 🚴🚴

 4 months ago 

Games is one the better ways to build Team and also a creative way to get teams to connect to one another and to work together , most importantly builds team spirit among teammate. Whether we’re meeting virtually or offline, doing activities together can energize your team and brighten their day.

@campuconnectng I really appreciate all your effort to see that this community grow . i will encourage other steemians in different campus and other Communities to join in this steem games because no better opportunity to build team spirit than this. I’m excited to be among the first set of persons to witness this great development . I’m impressed with the efficiencies you’re introducing, i must commend your hard work.
Kudos 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

 4 months ago 

Thanks for the support, I look forward to see you and your team.

 4 months ago 


 4 months ago 

Wow this is a very nice idea
But the team of 5 can Student from different campus join to form a team? Or each team must be formed from members of the same campus

 4 months ago 

It's your team, it doesn't matter the campus they from. Just create a Team.

Sounds like an awesome Project and I would love to become an Official Sponsor for #CampusGames.

If I gave you guys a one-off payment of 100 #Steem as Sponsorship funds, what would you be able to offer in terms of advertising the SK logo in your Community and during the Games?


Free-to-Use SK *.png logo

SK logo (static round) transparent edge.png

 4 months ago 

Thanks so much for the offer, we gladly accept your offer to be a sponsor of #campusgames.

So as an official sponsor of the #campusgames, we will feature your logo in our cover images for game announcement and in every posts concerning the games.

We will advertise and add your images at the end of every game post and mention you as one of the sponsors of campus games.

We believe this will go along in advertising our sponsors.

Sounds awesome and I am looking forward to helping you promote the #Contest.

I will announce the Sponsorship tomorrow as the latest #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship and will transfer the 100 #Steem over to your account at the same time.


 4 months ago 

Ok, that will be great. We expect to see alot of participants as a result of your promotion too.


100 #Steem - Funds Transferred.

#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship for the #CampusGames Championship Game Contest.

I will make an announcement of the Sponsorship shortly.

Good luck with the Contest.


Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

 4 months ago 

Funds received, thanks for your kindness.

Pretty intresting, ill be looking forward to it. Let me go and start forming a team🥲

This is awesome

Wow.. This is really gonna be big. @whitestallion always over the moon with your great contents. Will surely indulge ✌

 4 months ago 

I look forward to you and your team in this one. ✌️✌️

I like the idea

 4 months ago 

I look forward to seeing you and the team 😊😊😊