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We are very thrilled to make our application post for the community Support Program hosted by the steemit team, Campus connect was created 3 months ago and we have been working hard as a community to deliver value to the steemit community. We hope our application for this program receives positive feedback. Let's talk more about campus connect and what our community stands for-


Community Purpose

Campus Connect is designed as a community for the international student community. We believe that we can connect all college students around the whole world under a single platform here on the steemit blockchain. We will be sharing ideas, knowledge, and creativity, culture, and educational knowledge from around the globe.

Campus Connect is designed to interact with different students from universities around the world, campus connect will become home to thousands of students worldwide who are looking to interact and socialize with students from other parts of the world. They can share and post almost anything on campus as long as their content will appeal to and promote the steemit blockchain.

We also want to penetrate universities all over the world via steemit social feature a tool to do that. We want to recruit serious-minded steemian from all over the world, this step will eventually serve as a means to introduce steemit to different universities worldwide. We aim to educate and support each member of campus connect in any way we can. Leveraging the numbers and activity of students worldwide, we can create a very powerful community for students.

How Unique is Campus Connect
Campus Connect is one of a kind community and actually the first of its kind to be created ever on the steemit blockchain. We are very different in our approach and aim to introduce college students to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


Community Team

Campus connect is lead by a Team of energic and hardworking young people with a clear vision and sheer will for success.

campus connect Team .png

Team MemberRole
@awesomenonsoMOD/Campus captain
@bright-obiasMOD/ Country Rep Nigeria
@PricelesspreshMOD and Campus captain

Members of the Team are fluent English speakers and of Nigerian Nationals, they also speak native dialects of their region. Currently, all Team members are working hard to care for the needs of the community without a definite reward or pay rather than on weekly bonuses. We will be introducing formal pay for the Team members in subsequent months to come, however till then the team is mainly working without any formal reward.

Members of the Team can make posts and vote posts with the curation account, the keys are shared and in possession of each moderator of campus connect Team.


Community Curation Account

Campus Connect has a dedicated curation account @campusconnectng, this account is used to support and make community announcements. Campus connect started off with 1,7800 steem power and as of the time of writing, we have 4,826 effective steempower. Campus connect also has an active curation trail, this way we are able to pool our rewards together to deliver a better voting value to our members.

One of the ways we are dedicated to growing our sp is by powering up every post reward. We are dedicated to upgrading our sp, so we do not think twice before powering up our steem. We also regularly join #SPUD4STEEM which is a great opportunity to power up and receive huge delegations.

We have also maintained a marketing strategy, calling on investors who wish to purchase steempower, we have made contacts with a few clients and they are willing to invest and help us grow our sp.

Each moderator has the keys and permission to vote on posts made in campus connect, this step has allowed us to manage the posts made in campus connect, and as such we are able to provide support to practically every post that is made in campus connect(95%)

voting csi.gif

Campus connect voting CSI

Plagiarism & Abuse

Plagiarism is not tolerated in campus connect and we take a firm stand it. The moderators carefully scan every post for plagiarism before voting and with this step, we have been able to maintain a plagiarism-free community. On a few occasions, we have seen plagiarized posts and we firmly warn such members.

Taking such a firm stand against plagiarism has helped us to inculcate to our members the dignity in making original posts and the disrespect of making plagiarized posts.


Engagement & Commenting

we try our best to comment on almost every post that is made on campus connect, we use the community account to comment on almost every community member's post. We are able to comment on at least 70% of the posts that are made on campus connect.

Also in order to encourage commenting and engagement between community members, we have a community post-promotion channel where community members are able to find and interact with the post of other members.


Plans & Updates

Campus connect engages community members by various means like contests and through campus games project, so we provide updates at least 2-3 times per week using the official campus connect curation account.

We have a clear and practical plan for campus connect, we want to achieve our aims and we will make this possible by any means necessary.

Campus Connect Roadmap



We promote campus connect via many means both physical and online, for instance, in the past we held online sessions and online adverts about campus connect. We have designed T-shirts and different flyers, these promotion materials help us to market our community and draw new people and investors to our community. We also share community posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We also adopted Promotional Teams which will help us spread and recruit new and serious people, for instance, we had inaugurated Team Mouau which is the first of this program.


Team Mouau


Anything Else

We want to build a sustainable community that will be a homeland for students and young people all over the world. Campus connect will be a homeland for various social and fun activities, we will leverage the creativity and brilliance of our community members to make campus connect one of the best and most inclusive community on steemit.

In order to achieve this, we launched a project called Campus Games(the first championship game on the steemit blockchain), this game is designed to get students and our community members involved in brainstorming and importantly fun activities. Developing fun and cool projects is one way we can keep community members wanting more and enhance their commitment to the community while doing what they love to do best.


Back to the Campus games, this project is the first of its kind and we plan to make this project one of the best, perhaps just like crypto academy. We believe this project will grab the attention of steemians even in other communities, grab the interest of people off-chain, offering people off steemit and in other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram an opportunity to join our games on steemit which is fun and educative, this will surely draw interested and talented writer and investors running to steemit.

We have held season 1 of this championship and we thank our sponsors for their support, we thank @stephenkendal and @whitestallion especially for their support and the efforts they made to make this a success.

Season 2 of this championship will be live again in a matter of weeks and we intend to make significant improvements in terms of the quality of posts, the rules, intensive marketing before kick-off, projects like this with the perfect support will become one of the best and will drive many users who want to enjoy the games and also stand a chance to win a prize. We plan to make the atmosphere enriching and perfect for everyone joining the games.

more .png

Supporting our community and our projects via this provision will go a long way in helping us to develop our community thereby developing the entire steemit community, we are clear about our aims and visions and we will make it happen.



Campus Connect is a great community with a lot of potentials, cause we believe if we are able to appeal to young people around the world mostly students, soon steemit will be full of hungry investors who want to make their voice heard just like we see on other mainstream social platforms. Campus connect is just 3 months and we believe we can make a lot of progress with our projects most of which haven't debuted, with support from this program we will make our community one of the best on steemit.


Subscribe and Join CampusConnect
CampusConnect Telegram
CampusConnect Discord


First @campusconnect is a community I will always recommend especially to not just university students but also secondary schools. They try every means possible to include their members in everything they do and also support them, no post go without an upvotes except it has not been seen yet. It will be greatly appreciated if their application is being approved as it will also encourage users to be more active. Together we will be one of most sought after community in Steemit.

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I just wish the application gets approved so that students who have quality content to post won't feel reluctant due to no upvote

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a very nice group it the best group for students
Thank you all for creating the community

Thanks so much for your support, we will make this community home for all students.

Won! I like tha connectivity and I must on my xender to get connected and be active, nice work @campusconnectng, the sky is our starting point.

We happy to have you as a member of campus connect, keep steeming hot💥💥💥.

Don't forget to subscribe to campus connect.

I pray our application get approved!🙏
So we can excute our aim in surporting our students to the fullness.
We are strongly together in this 💪!
We are set to take steemit to all higher institutions, preaching the good news of blockchain technology to all students.

I'm proud to be part of this community 😘

We are so happy to have you in our team. We surely make huge progress with exceptional leader's like you.

We are in this together 😘
May Almighty help us to achieve all our aim 🙏🙏

Wow, this is the right path to go hurray I really like this one hopefully we will steem to the moon, I join other steemians in this one hopefully this great community gets it as one of the six communities.... Many thanks to you @steemitblog

Thanks for the support.

Campus connecting is a way students get connected,and build a future in cryptocurrency world specifically on steemit,may this request be approved

We hope our application gets reviewed.

@Campusconnect are doing a great job, by uniting all the student from various campuses together with your support i believe they will do more great job to promote steemit in all the campuses.

Yeah we share the sentiment, campus connect will become the student community capital of the world.

@campusconnectng is the real deal for all students like me and keep the vibes coming.

We will keep it coming 😜😜

One of the best community on the platform that aim to bring all the students on steemit together.

We are in together, best of luck from this end.

We thank you @mato445, you are truly a wonderful steemian and an active member of campus connect.

Campus connect has really been performing well towards the benefit of students here in Nigeria

Thanks so much for your support, we will continue to do our best for students around the world.

Beautiful and nice idea. this will go a long way to help students not just financially but in tackling some problems the face in campus.

Yea, we have cool projects that will affect the lives of students significantly, keep them engaged and also fun.

Thanks for the support

 2 months ago 

One community geared at encouraging and supporting students is campuconnect. The energy pulled in to bring more students together for the purpose of exchanging ideas bursts the roof. May our application meet the kind and favorable consideration of the steemit team.
I stand with campusconnect.

Thanks so much for your support @davosimple.

 2 months ago 

You have been a fundamental part of our community, we happy to have as a member of our community.

Keep steeming hot 🔥🔥🔥

My one stop plug for everything academics...thanks for giving us (student) a voice here on steemit. I love you.

Thanks 👍👍, we will make campus connect the perfect destination for student's.

Compus connect it's unique in its Vision. A beautiful Community with great potentials. The youths are the future. Glad to be part of this move.

The youth are the future, they bring a different type of energy to the table.

This is wonderful and additional pillars to this platform. Thank you @campusconnect you are one in a million.

Thanks so much for your support

Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
Another great achievement.

Well done!

Thanks for the support

This is one of the communities i so.much admire in steemit block chain because its gives me the privilege of meeting other Nigeria students and knowing the things that are happening in universities across the country,Thank you so much @whitestallion and your team for putting much effort in making this community what it is today,more grease to your elbow. We win together.

I am proud to be a member of this community.

We believe in this project called @campusconnectng that's why we're part of it. It is a great movement among students on Steemit platform. The team @whitestallion, @bright-obias and @awesononso are doing exceptionally well.
Together we can achieve all our goals.
Best regards

We are taking campus connect to the moon 🌒🌒🌒, we will make it a home for all students young and old around the world.

Campusconnectng is really a community here in Nigeria that has help in no small way to advertise steemit most especially to students in the higher institutions. They have always engage in seminar and varities of contest just to promote steemit here in Nigeria and beyound. I recommend them for the monthly support because i believe if given this support they will go the extra to make sure steemit is not just in the higher institution but also in our colleges as well.

Nice post, so campus connect is wonderful like I will start writing my post there, but the only issue it that for now am done with my school.

 2 months ago 

Wonderful project, the fact that it's dedicated towards the students makes it splendid. Im certain our application would be given due consideration.

Campusconnectng is the best group I have joined in steemit. The admins are friendly and readily available to help. Much value in the group

This community have done well by connecting Nigerian students together and I believe this community is going far.

We aim to extend this connection to practically every student in the world.

Good it's a good thing to diversify

 2 months ago 

Campusconnect bringing students from various campuses together. 🙌🙌

That is our aim, the sheer power of university students around the world has not been tapped yet.