Campus Connect Weekly Contest- Week 7- My First Day In Campus/Highschool - 30 Steem prize Pool

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Hello great minds, welcome to the 7th contest of our weekly contest.
This week's contest is focused on having you share your lovely experience of your first day in campus or highschool.

Everyone, irrespective of age is a student. As long we are breathing, as long our minds are still active, we are still learning and that makes us students.
In our place of learning, we didn't just hop in there and began to be familiar with the environs, most of us had some good experiences most of us had some bad experiences, whichever experience it is you had on your first day at your learning center, be it campus, highschool or anywhere, we are keen to have you share your experience with us. It is your experience so we will like it if you keep it real, fun and creative.

For this contest, we expect you to be creative and fun. Just express yourself as great prices are up for grasp.

  • Follow all the rules

  • Participants must join the campusconnectng connect curation trail by clicking here.

  • Make your entry fun and creative.

  • All participants should be subscribed members of Campusconnect and following @campusconnnectng.

  • You may upvote and resteem this post to support and create awareness of this contest.

  • Participants should drop a link to their entry as a comment to this post to mark it as valid.

  • Participants from the international community and students who are not yet in college are welcome to join this contest.

  • Participants should use #week7contest, #nigeria(specific country), as one of the first 5 tags.

  • Participants should use this as their title- Campus Connect week 6- Title

Contest is live until this post pays out (3 August 2021)


Reward Structure

1st10 steem
4th3 steem
5th2 steem

Special thanks to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for always encouraging and supporting us.

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Can we use pictures from the internet to add to the post

 2 months ago 

Yes you can but ensure you leave the source of the image below the picture

 2 months ago 

This is a nice contest. Already bringing a smile to my face

Your first day must have been a hell of a day. ☺️☺️🔥


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Wow can't wait to share my experience with everyone

We look forward to it, must have been exciting with tons of mixed feelings.

Yes very correct

Wow this is cool.
Can't wait to share my Experience with you guys stay tuned for my Entry!

I can't wait to hear what they experience was like 😃😃

Just stay tuned is loading............. 45%

 2 months ago (edited)

Here is my contest Entry

 2 months ago 

Hello @daprado1999, it's wonderful you want to participate in this contest, however, you must follow the rules of the contest-your post must be made in campus connect community.

you can subscribe can make your post on campus connect using the link below.

 2 months ago 

Here's my Entry