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Hello Friends and welcome to our page today, here at @campusconnectng we are always looking for ways to contribute and make our community stand out and impact significantly here on the steemit community. We have made plans and significant improvements to enhance our steempower in order to support more active users posting in campusconnect. We want to continue improving that is why we have laid the groundwork on how we will achieve our goals.

Progress So far and our Goals for the future

Any individual or a community without a goal would be running aimlessly and incapable of making progress. A community with a goal must also evaluate their progress so far and how to achieve the long-term goals.

Here at Campus Connect Nigeria, we have been able to make some progress, and we proud of our wins and always push to get better. We have been able to -

  • Reach 218 Subscribers and 72 Active posters.
  • We won the just concluded #SPUD and 10k SP delegation.
  • We have a total of 13,218SP including delegation.
  • Massive engagements on our weekly contests.


  • We are looking to build our SP to at least 50k-100k SP, so we can support more users. This will include Both delegated SP.

  • We want to have an active curation Trail, this move will allow us to merge the voting ability of hundreds of accounts.

  • We plan to host our first steemit Steemup for students at Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture this month. More details will be made available in the announcement post.

  • We also want to invite users to invest and power up their steem by joining #SPUD each month.

  • Massive recruitment of serious and active steemains.

We have carefully analyzed and laid out a roadmap to reach these goals. This is what we plan to do First

Campusconnectng Founding Universities and Its role in making our goals possible

Right from the inception of @campusconnectng, @campusconnectng is looking to gather Nigerian students and in extension students from all over the world. We want to develop a hub where every steemain can relate with their peers and fellow students.

This means that students from different universities will be involved and a huge need for arrangement. That is why we have decided to arrange students in order of their universities so we can keep track of all steemians in each university and support them appropriately.

A Campus captain will be appointed and they must be active steemains who have been on the steemit blockchain for at least 3 months.

Duties of a Campus captain

  • A campus captain will help to recruit and provide guidance to new steemains in their university.
  • A will work to retain and keep steemains in their Campus Active and Updated by giving them updates.

Steemains who are active and have met the requirement can apply to fill this role.

Regarding Universities with less than 10 active steemains, Active steemains in the university who wish to take the role of Campus leader can recruit and mentor new steemains in order to fill this position.

This application is open to students from other universities internationally, posts must be made in campus connect

In order to aid this arrangement, we created a table of all active steemains in each university. All these steemains are active and regularly posting on campus connect.

Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture
NoActive SteemainsNoActive Steemains
University of Nigeria
NoActive SteemainsNoActive Steemains
Universties with Less than 5 Steemains
NoActive SteemainsUniversity
1@osomosemuazFederal University of Technology Minna
2@hazmatFederal University of Technology Minna
3@maximumfxFederal University of Technology Minna
4@uk17Ebonyi state University
5@joycebubbleEbonyi state University
6@johnpatrick12Cross river university of technology
7@loice-janeCross river university of Technology
8@spyrexUniversity of Lagos
9@doppleyUniversity of Lagos
10@adinduplusAbia state University Uturu
11@d-princessAbia state University Uturu
12@starrchrisFederal University Oyuoke Bayelsa
13@mishaelchikaFederal university of petroleum resources
14@lhorgicPoly Ibadan
15@bench100Ignatius Ajuru University of Education
16@tenguhatangaUniversity Of Bamenda
17@rebecca97Polytechnic Nekede
18@justice2550Imo state university
19@Caramella111Imo state university
20@cinnymartinsImo state university
21@Irene-hicImo state university
22@steemtopusUniversity of Ilorin, Ilorin
23@MhizerbeeAkwa Ibom State College of education Afaha Nsit
24@WespejordsanFederal University of Technology, Owerri.
25@udgospelAbia State Polytechnic
26@pricelesspreshDelta State polytechnic ogwashi-uku
27@jerry368Cross Rivers University of Technology [ CRUTECH ]
28@simonnwigweFederal University Wukari Taraba State
29@yakspeaceFederal University Wukari Taraba State
30@JoelmaxwellUniversity of uyo
31@rose-oCross River University Of Technology CRUTECH Calabar
32@davosimpleUniversity Of Uyo

We have a total of 73 active steemains across different campuses, if your name is not in the above list, kindly drop your username and University

  • Another step we plan to take is to customize T-shirts and caps. We want to use this as an opportunity to promote steem to the public, both lecturers and non-academic staff. We will host meetups regularly in order to educate and onboard new recruits.

Our Promotion designs like the T-shirts, caps, and fliers will be ready before the end of the week, we intend to begin production 2nd week of May 2021.

Updated Rules

  • We hate Plagiarism and honor creativity and originality, therefore for newbies steemains to understand the concepts of Plagiarism they should try and complete their Achievement task to at least Achievement 3.

  • We wish to grow a solid community with huge curation ability so we will provide more support for steemains who power up 100% or Swap their SBD for steem power.

  • Constant Power down may see steemains have their posts unsupported, at least steemains must have a vested of at least 100Sp before authorizing any power down. This move is to encourage new steemians to stake more steem on the blockchain.

  • No hate speech.

We believe we can make changes and onboard investors and creative creators on the blockchain and we know the power of young bright University students.

See you on our next post

Written by @whitestallion For @campusconnectng


We thank @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for their solid support in the development of this community, we say a Big Thank You.

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University Of Uyo, here we come

You have been added to the list, Welcome to Campus Connect Nigeria

😌More progress and wins

Federal University Wukari Taraba State

Welcome to @campusconnectng, I didn't know we had taraba students here. I will make the changes soon and add you to the sheet.

Alright, thank you sir

Wow what about people in polytecnics sir?

You are all invited to join us 🙂🙂🙂

Wow thanks so much @whitestallion am glad am invited and happy to be among the family of @campusconnect.

Campusconnect to the moon. I can’t wait for the meetups

We moving to the moon with Steem🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Ahead, Ahead , this is beautiful

Please add me up @kelechisamuel

Michael okpara University

You on, we make the adjustments now.

This is so cool
Weldone 🔥🔥

We keep going up and up, #steem to the moon 🚀🚀

IMO State University Owerri, Imo State

You have been added to the list, Welcome to Campus Connect Nigeria

University of uyo

You have been added to the list, Welcome to Campus Connect Nigeria

Cross River University Of Technology CRUTECH Calabar

You have been added to the list, Welcome to Campus Connect Nigeria

Federal University Wukari Taraba State

Welcome @simmionigwe, I will add you up right now.

Thank you boss

University of Nigeria Nsukka

You have been added to the list, Welcome to Campus Connect Nigeria

Goodday Sir, I am @yuceetoria from Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra.
@confydence is a newbie, she just completed her Achievement 1 task and she is also from the above named school. Thank you.

We will add you guys to the list soon.

Ok Sir, thank you.

Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State

Welcome to campus connect Nigeria, you will be added to the list soon. 😊😊

Muchas gracias @whitestallion cum @campusconnect. It is a thing of joy witnessing the progress so far. And for the new plans and innovations, it has ceased my commendation already.
I'm glad I'm part of this.

We keep moving and making progress.

University of Nigeria Enugu campus

Hi @whitestallion thanks for including my name
But i am not alone i have friends who i brought and those that brought me in to steemit And we all are student of otuoke Bayelsa state
@eberechi10 brought me
Then i brought @vectorshore
@anyiglobal etc.

And please it's otuoke Bayelsa not oyueke thanks
And I will love to join you lead by becoming a campus leader. To help our community grow

Welcome to campus connect, pls do well to join us on WhatsApp and telegram.

We will make the changes and add the new guys to our log. To become a campus cap you need to make an application, you can find more details in this post.


@campusconnectng please it's otuoke not oyueke thanks