Campus Games- Season 1/Week 2- Art -Portrait drawing(Ronaldo or Messi) by Team Fabulous

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Hello everyone, it is team fabulous again with our fabulous creation. With respect to this week's art and portrait drawing, Team Fabulous presents the portrait of Messi, a six time Ballon d'Or award winner, a multiple goals scorer and also multiple goals assists.

He is regarded by many as the greatest of all time. He has been a one time world best player. He is a super star loved by so many.

Below are the progress shots of the drawing

Materials used:

  • Dry brushes for blending
  • Graphite pencil for shading
  • Charcoal pencil for the dark areas
  • Charcoal dust for shading

Credit: @unyimeetuk






Thanks for having us...
We are #TeamFabulous


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This isn’t my team but dayuuuuuum

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Thanks a bunch..

This is very beautiful. Thank you @unyimeetuk and #teamfabulous

Thanks so much dear.

start success go! go! go!

Great piece @davosimple, you are a skilled artist.

**Season 1, Week 2-Art-Portrait drawing **

Team Fabulous your week 2 entry has successfully been submitted and will compete in the polls.

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Wow I have fallen in love with this portrait ah swear

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Oh really....
We are glad you love it...
Thanks for stopping by

This looks real good 😍

Let's go get this!!

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Go go go fabulous, go!