Weekly Contest: Tell Us About Your Favourite Subject

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Hello friends, welcome to this week's contest where we'll get to know a bit more about you.

My days in secondary school, I had phobia for mathematics. I really didn't know where my fear and hatred for mathematics came from but I could remember that the fear and hatred I had for mathematics was proudly sponsored by my math teacher. Whenever Mr. Jonathan (my math teacher) was in class, he will always ask us to find "x".

Finding "x" was always a problem for me in mathematics and it increased my hatred for the subject.

But as for biology, twas my best subject and I dared not miss biology class for any reason.

I'm sure we all had a particular subject or course that we always never wanted to miss a single class or lecture, we will love to hear about it.
You are free to express yourself in as many words as you want but it should not be less than 250 words.

We want to know:
  • Why the subject or course is your favorite

  • How did the course or subject became your favorite.

  • How you always feel when you unavoidably miss the class

You are not limited to the above. You are free to express yourself as much as you want but just be creative.

Follow all the rules
  • Your posts must be original with no trace of plagiarism.

  • Your post should not be less than 250 words

  • All participants should subscribe to CampusConnect connect and your post should be made in the community

  • Resteem this post so that others can also see it.

  • Participants should drop a link to their entry in the comment section of this post

  • Everyone is welcome to participate in this contest

  • Participants should use #myfavoritesubject and a tag to country they currently reside, example #nigeria as one of the first 5 tags.

  • Mention @davosimple somewhere in your post

  • All entry should be submitted before 11:59pm UTC of 23 May.

This contest is open for every steemian


10 steem will be shared to the first three winners

1st5 steem
2nd3 steem
3rd2 steem

Special thanks to @steemcurator01 for the endless love and support always given to the students. Thanks a bunch


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Thank you @spyrex for participating.
Best of luck


Not a problem
I'm in for this @davosimple!!

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Thank you @utyalban.
We are waiting to read from you

Am fully in for the contest @davosimple

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Thank you..
We are waiting to read from you

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Thank you @daprado1999 for participating.
Best of luck

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Thank you @ezege11 for participating
Best of luck