Campus Games- Season 1/Week 1- Story Title-THE OASIS AND THE UNEXPECTED Team Name- TEAM MEDIATORS.

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Most of the characters based in this story are depicted by their steemit usernames.
Amina Abubakar as president daughter
Akeem Abubakar as president son
Mr Musa Bala as Exo-Oasis guide
Dr Shuaib as Exo-Oasis Doctor
Men in Black as Bodyguards
Unknown gunmen



They say dreams sometimes offer us a peek into the future, I wished I had paid mine any heed. The year 2021 started out with a lot of uncertainty, Nigeria like almost every country in the world battled the Covid-19 crisis and things were beginning to have a definite shape. Well except for the political sphere which wasn't improving one bit, old grievances amongst the various tribes were not looking good and the economy generally was in a bad place.
What better time to have a little bit of fun and leave the country problems to itself for a while (I am patriotic don't mind me). My name is ABDULAHI QUDUS a mechanical engineer by profession and a handsome young man like I love to tell people, (Laughs) if I don't believe it who will? abi na.


I was introduced to steemit which is a kind of crypto based social media website that deals with blogging, with Nigeria economy one had to turn one plus one into three. So I met this group of guys @steemtopus, @chezandras, @kennethlalfred and my humble self known as @hazmat (Dem go talk say they're wonderful, but craze full their head) on the steemit platform, we connected and became really close friends online. One would think we were crazy with the whole tribal and religious blame game going on in the country why would different people from so very different background want anything to do with one another, (let me key you into a secret) that's just Nigerians for you we're a loving people deep in our hearts.

It was just a few days to Democracy day June 12, there were rumors of planned protests against the government so tensions were a bit high. I was having a really stressful week at work, there was just so much work to do, lots of people bringing in their vehicles for servicing and repairs I wasn't complaining though more work more money. I had a discussion with the guys and we decided to take a break and go have fun together, this would afford us the opportunity to meet one another in reality. The date we picked was none other than protest day June 12, I told you we were crazy. What better way to have fun that with a little bit of danger in the air, we were going to the Yankudo Exo-Oasis in Bauchi, an oasis is a kind of spring of water which is surrounded by vegetation in a desert area but Yankudo designed theirs in an exotic fashion.



My flight was scheduled for 5pm Friday evening, I had packed a few clothes for a weekend so immediately I closed from work I headed to the airport. Because of the rush I was unable to get a direct flight so I took a flight down to Kaduna state then boarded a bus going to Bauchi state. I arrived Bauchi around 9pm and found my way to the hotel which @steemtopus made reservations for the team (omo Naso baba enter room crash till the following morning).
It was the beep on my phone signaling that I had a new message that woke me the next morning, I checked my phone and saw a text from @steemtopus "O boy come open door for us we dey your door" reluctantly I got out of bed and opened the door to see four dressed young men in front of my room. For my mind I just dey think "shey this guys no dey sleep ni".
"I talk am, this old man go still dey sleep" it was none other than @chezandras, that guy can run his mouth for Africa. I was still looking surprised when money changed hands and I realized my sleep had been the subject of a bet, I just shake head enter room as they all filed in and closed the door. we were meeting for the first time but it felt like we'd known each other like forever, turns out @kennethlalfred had contacts in the hotel we were lodged and was able to get us adjacent rooms. They arrived early yesterday and didn't want to disturb me when I arrived late because I obviously would be tired.

I took a quick shower, dressed up and ordered a breakfast of bread, eggs and milk,( did I mention I don't drink tea, well the smell nauseates me). After I finished eating, we stepped out and met our guide for the day, the hotel provided transport services to the Yankudo Exo-Oasis as it was a famous attraction to many of it's customers. Mhen we were gonna paint the town RED, or more like Yankudo Exo-Oasis RED,(make una no mind me jare, na overjoy dey worry me).

It was a one hour drive to the to the Oasis as it was located on the outskirts of the state, at the entrance we got a guide for the day and set about the days fun.
"Good morning gentlemen, my name is Mr Musa Bala and you're welcome to the Yankudo Exo-Oasis" our guide introduced himself.
"Oga sir, wait all of us na naija. abeg we go prefer make we speak more of pidgin than English" said @chezandras. This guy will always run his mouth sha.
"Alright oga no problem, this place na one of the most ..................." our guide continued.
Showing us round the different parts of the Oasis, and different exotic animals they had on display. I must've spotted a lion at one time because I don nearly pick race na only shame no let my leg move from where e dey. At least if lion go chop person make e chop @kennethlalfred or @chezandras first na, one too quiet the other one too dey talk.

We decided to take a rest just by the spring, when I noticed a lady slip and fall into the water. Being a perfect gentleman I rushed and jumped in totally forgetting I didn't know how to swim. I only remembered a bit late as I tried to swim and realized I didn't know how, I was already taking in too much water before I felt a pair of hands grabbed me and started pulling me to safety. The last thing I saw before I passed out was two strange men in black suit beside the lady, weird I thought and blacked out. I opened my eyes to the smiling faces of those devil's I called my friends, turns out I was only out for five minutes. I had gone in to save a perfectly capable lady and ended up being saved myself, but where was the lady and the men in black as I termed them MIB ( don't mind my delirious state, in my defense I just almost got myself drowned).
"erm guys" I said weakly while trying to sit up " wipe that nonsense smile from your faces and tell me where the lady I just tried to save is"
"u mean the one that actually just saved you" replied @kennethlalfred
"whatever, she should at least be here to say thank u" I said looking around the area "I just risked my life to save her, besides who were those funny looking men I saw"
@chezandras was obviously bursting with laughter inside "this guy no Sabi who save am Sha" he said
"I Sabi say na woman, abeg e don do. na where she dey I ask una" I retorted already getting angry with the smiling faces
@steemtopus bent down and faced me " Ok bro, how I go talk am wey u go understand. the lady u tried to save that ended up saving you is none other than Amina Abubakar", I must've still looked lost because everyone was still looking at me like the name was enough hint.
Abubakar I thought, why was the name supposed to ring a bell. That was when I made the connection, the lady who just saved me was none other than the last daughter of the President of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA. Believe me, I passed out again(Why am I passing out anyhow na, people will start thinking I'm a weakling).

This time around they were only able to revive me after some minutes. I was immediately taken to an emergency tent within the Oasis. After a quick checkup the doctor declared me fit that I was only in shock.
"Please you should take a lot of rest and avoid anything stressful for awhile. You were only in shock, but apart from that your vitals are looking ok" the doctor explained.
"Thank you Dr Shuaib" a lady said walking in flanked by the men I had seen earlier, it was the President Daughter. "Good morning, my name is Amina Abubakar and I wanted to thank you in person for what you did earlier"
"erm erm, Me naaae ass Sssmat" I mumbled. I thought this doctor said I was in shock what could be more shocking than this.
@chez fortunately wasn't in the room or else I no go hear word, I had to contend with the smirking faces of @thatboy and @kennethlalfred
"sorry I didn't get that" she said
"erm I meant My name is ABDULAHI QUDUS, my friends call me hazmat. hazmat is fine" I replied my face already flush.
"hmm hazmat, a mysterious one. I would like to hear the story about that one." she replied giving me a knowing look
"err, it's no problem your Excellency" I said scratching the back of my head.
"Oh good so you know who I am, I would love to know you more. I'm having a party here in a few hours and I'd personally love for you all to be there" she replied still giving me that smile.
"eeryuiy ishsmmm ahhhgh" I mumbled clearly dumbfounded @steemtopus was the one that stepped in and saved me " Not to worry ma'am we'll be there"
"So that's settled, thanks once again. I'll be seeing you in a few hours" she said, turned and left the room.
Just a minute later @chezandras came in and met a room filled with silence
"wetin dey xup for here" he asked
" Just shut up bro" @Kennethlalfred replied. (thanks for that bro, you had my back when I needed you).

I was discharged 45mins later and we had to check out the Oasis store for something presentable. We all unanimously decided to go in shorts, tees and sandals.



Fifteen minutes later and we were at a well furnished VIP tent I wasn't even aware existed with only a few people in attendance. Turns out today was her birthday but because of the planned protests in the country she didn't want to do something big, just a get-together with a few friends. I was very happy she considered us friends.


We did the usual Happy birthday song and someone gave a toast in her honour. The party continued and she went around exchanging pleasantries with the other guests. I also met a few Interesting people like @iam1entity who I found out was also a steemian just like the rest of us, I was in a deep conversation with him on possibly joining us for future hangouts when she walked up to us.
"My saviour himself" she said as the guy @iam1entity I was talking to excused us.
"errr technically you were the one that saved me" I replied(I no Sabi why I no fit form sentence in front of her, me wey be Badoo for lasgidi).
"technically you were there to save me"
"And technically I wasn't able to do that because somehow I forgot I didn't know how to swim"
She burst out laughing "I'm sure you're a man of technicalities, by the time we go through them we might as well be in next week"
I raised my hand in mock submission with a smile on my face.( mhen this one I'm smiling like mumu like this).
We were really having a great time talking about what our lives entailed just like very old friends, I was surprised she actually knew a lot about car engines and she was equally surprised about the daily Nigerian life.
Still in deep conversation when I heard "Ladies and gentlemen can you kindly please get down"
I turned towards the tent entrance as I saw seven men walk in carrying assualt rifles.
(the kind fear wey catch me en)I'm not sure if it was the presence of Amina that stopped me from peeing myself.

It was one of the fastest takeovers I have experienced, (laughs)it's not as if I've ever been in one of these situations. Within seconds they had all of us huddled in the middle of the tent.
"This can either go as smoothly as possible or as bad as it can get, it's your choice. We're only here for her" he said pointing at Amina
"The rest of you are what do you call it, EXPENDABLE".
I was suddenly aware of how she was clinging to me like I was her lover or boyfriend. if these guys had any misconception about us, I would probably be the first person they would kill.
Funny how our brain think of random things in these moments, like the dream I had of a woman chasing me with a Cutlass yesterday morning. I was almost in tears thinking I should've known my death would be caused my a woman.
The unknown gunmen made us understand that they were there to show solidarity to other protesters around the country and for the President to know they wanted his resignation. we were really in a bad situation, if they had wanted money I was sure the situation would have been a lot better.
We were there for about 30minutes to one hour as I couldn't really tell while the men placed calls to high ranking people in government making their demands known.
Suddenly some people burst in carrying placards with the inscription "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR, YOUVE JUST BEEN PRANKED" as we all looked dumbfounded( my people if no be say I don faint two times before, I for faint round three again).
A smart looking young man walked in with men in military uniforms flanking him on either sides "Happy birthday sister, Mum and Dad sends their wishes" he announced. We had just been pranked by the President Son Akeem Abubakar, could we actually be this lucky I thought. No wonder I didn't see her bodyguards since the beginning of this whole thing.
He apologized to everyone in a joking manner after Amina almost killed him I must admit. That was when I realized I hadn't even thought of my friends throughout the whole ordeal(I no be bad person o, but what could be more important than them giving their lives for me en LOL).

The party went on with everyone in a spirited mood, what more could bring people together like a near death experience even if it was a prank. After the party I exchanged contacts with Amina and me and my friends left the party, @1am1entity promised to visit me and the guys on our next meeting. In a spirit of Goodwill Akeem provided transport back to our various destinations. We arrived the hotel quite late and everyone went straight to their rooms to sleep. I called Amina for a few minutes before I slept off.
I was woken again by a message on my phone from @steemtopus "come open door oo lover boy" (these guys no go ever sleep).
I opened the door for them, they were all packed and ready to go. I realized I was going to miss them especially @chezandras wahala, naso life be Sha.
I bade them farewell and went into the bathroom to take my bath, my flight was for 10am. Luckily this time around I was able to get a direct flight down to Lagos. 2pm and I was already home, did a quick weekend cleaning around the house and spoke to the guys. Tomorrow was Monday and man had to prepare for work, I went to sleep that night after speaking to Amina again(call me lover boy, yen yen nothing consign una) talking about how surprising the weekend had turned out.
Monday morning I was at work already and I was gisting my coworkers on what happened over the weekend, they were giving me disbelieving looks at my far fetched story when someone walked into the workshop.
"Good morning hazmat" she said with a smile on her face. the only word that came out of my mouth was "how?"
"Don't worry, I have my ways" she said laughing




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