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Hello steemians
Greatest student!
Aluta continua! ✊
Special thanks to admin @whitestallion for this great community.


Has we are still continuing to struggle for our success, I wish ourselves a retentive brain.
However, leaving you all with fule of life;
Wisdom will always be better than weapon so never be tired of learning.
Make friends with the wise and become wise too.
Be yourself and never depend on anyone for success except your Lord God
You can't discover new island if you lack the courage to keep sailing ahead so keep exploring.
Remember, honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom
Forget the past, forgive your offenders but never fail to learn from them. Hence, apply wisdom in your next encounter.
Be the change that you want to see.
Always remember the golden rules which says; do unto others as you wish them to do unto you
No problem with the assault of sustainable thinking, never give up.
When dealing with yourself, use your head. But use both heart and head when dealing with others.
Don"t be discourage. Remember that most times it is often the last key in a bunch that opens a door.
The difference between wining and loosing is not quitting.
There is no traffic on the extra mile, keep working


Dear father Lord, thank you for all your blessing and grace in our life.
Forgive our trespasses and write out name in the book of life.
God as we step out for hustling, let it be full of blessings. Wash away temptation from our ways
Thank you lord for I know that you will answer our prayer, amen



start success go! go! go!

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