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Growing up, we had this little garden in our compound where we planted different kinds of crops and usually where plants grow organisms are present. I would always sit and look at the different insects and crawling creatures and I would marvel at the wonders of creation.
Even as I got older, I figured that my curiosity was insatiable. I listened to my basic science teacher with rapt attention trying to grasp all I could. I read all I could get my hands on at that time although I couldn't assess the internet I read everything in sight.
Being interested in wildlife, anatomy of the body and the structure of things I figured I was drawn to sciences. Biology encompassing all these should undoubtedly be my favorite subject.
As I got into a higher level of education and the depth of my knowledge for this subject grew my love for it grew too. I would spend hours reading the voluminous textbooks I was given in school, IDODO UMEH and ESSENTIAL BIOLOGY were my favorites because of the colourful pictures they portrayed. Don't get me wrong though I had a few other subjects I liked like Geography and Literature in English but Biology was by far my favorite.
Although my curiosity has not yet been satisfied as I still do my researches but I have learnt so much more, I learnt why certain things happen the way they do, the behavioral adaptations of organisms and the way the body works. All these made clear some things that baffled me as a kid .
Biology draws me in like a force of nature, more like the force of gravity that works round the clock drawing things to earth.
I remember the first day I missed my biology class due to some health issues, I felt so bad not only did I miss out on a very interesting discussion I also had lots of notes to copy, that was the last day I missed my classes sick or not I made sure I was present.
My love for this subject also influenced my career choice medical laboratory sciences as it would enable me continue on my path of discovery.
I'd really love to thank @davosimple for the opportunity to discuss something I am truly passionate about.

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Welcome to the world of medics

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Hello @sonia440, you have a very great and lovely entry.
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