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Going to the oasis definitely wasn’t my ideal summer break but my friends; Sam, Muna, Jumoke, and Caleb somehow managed to convinced me to try it out and it was definetly one hell of an experience.

It was the summer of 2019, after the final exams for the academic session. I sat with my friends and we were talking about how our holiday would be and Jumoke said out of nowhere, “why don’t we visit an oasis?”. Confused, I asked, "what's an oasis"?

For those who don’t know, an oasis is a piece of land in a desert where water is found with trees and vegetation growing there. He persisted that we just try, rather than casually going to a vacation house or a beach. My other friends actually quick bought into the idea and although I resisted at first , they roped me into the idea too and we started planning for a trip I would call "THE JOURNEY OF OUR LIFE"

The journey of our life.gif

The day the journey began was a very slow one. We had to board a plane from Enugu to Kano but there was a slight delay. I remember feeling a sense of frustration and anxiety. I looked around and noticed that my friends weren't even bothered by our unfortunate situation, except Muna. He was feeling a bit uneasy but tried hard to conceal it.


We boarded a plane after 4 hours and departed for Kano. Muna was shaking uncontrollably, clinging to Jumoke on the plane. Muna has a fear of flying which made everyone laugh so hard.

We arrived at Kano in the late hours of the afternoon. We decided to take a break and continue the journey the following day. I had problem sleeping on this night because I was recovering from malaria. Before I knew it, my friends and I were on a bus to Katsina.

The journey was very fun because there was no dull moment in the bus. The bus was filled with rapt music which everyone vibed to. Sam and Caleb began to make jest of Muna's fear of flying. Everyone laughed and we had a good time.

We got to a village in Katsina, called Tirinta. We were greeted by a man who introduced himself as our tour guide. After a brief acquaintance with each other, we began the tour.

The tour guide gave us a facinating history of the village. We walked under the blazing sun for what seemed to be like 2 hours before we reached the oasis. I had already began doubting that our tour guide knew where he was taking us.

We were all wowed by the amazing scenery. Everyone began taking pictures inorder to satisfy their excitement. Justin attempted jumping into the water, but was quickly cautioned by the tour guide. "I'll race you to that tree over there", shouted Caleb. I was about to reply when...



I found myself slowly falling to the ground. There was confusion in the air. Bandits were running towards us with murderous intent. It took few moments for me to feel a stabbing pain in my right leg. I had been shot and I didn't even realize it.

I screamed in agony. The pain muffled the loud sound of gunshots as I drowned in misery. I remember seeing one of the attackers get close enough to shoot me dead before a rock flew past me, hitting him straight in the head.

As the attacker fell, Caleb and the tour guide quickly hoisted me from the ground. They swiftly moved through the desert dust. The pain, coupled with fever due to malaria, became unbearable to the extent that I lost consciousness.

I found myself in a hospital in Katsina when I regained consciousness. I was lucky enough that the bullet tore through my flesh but didn't hit my bone. My condition wasn't serious and as a result of this, I was able to join our flight back home which was in 2 days.

It has been a month since our trip to the oasis and I'm still recovering from my injury. Although I was unfortunate, it was nice to see such a wonderful construct of nature. Not only would I love to go again, but I would do anything to see Muna squirm on a plane once more.

The end!!


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Team Success


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Let’s go team success

Great piece @uchescrib, This is a great story and we loved reading it.

Season 1, Week 1-Fiction Writing

Team success your week 1 entry has successfully been submitted and will compete in the polls.

Let's go team!!! We play for the badge💪💪

Great script. Agwt a great team. I hope you do better in subsequent seasons.

Your story is quite exciting. You probably didn't envisioned the urgly incident you encountered at the scene of your visit. All of us should learn from you experience, limit your visit to a questionable sites and places. We thank Jehovah for preserving you people alive.

Thanks for reading

Nice one 🙃

Nice nice.
I want to see Muna squirm too.😂

I know right 😂

This is a good story.

Do you that I don't know the meaning of, oasis is a piece of land in a desert where water is found with trees and vegetation growing there

You've learned something new. Let's buy drinks😂