What kind of posts can i make on campus connect Nigeria

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Hello friends and welcome to our blog for today, since the inception of our community campus connect Nigeria as a forum to connect students across the whole federation, there have been questions about what type of content or posts can be made on campus connect Nigeria. In this post, we will highlight a few ideas on what type of post is acceptable and supported on Campusconnect.
So let's go


Conetent Type

  • School Diary- Students who join Campus Connect get to talk about their daily activities, they could share activities that happened during the day and other rants and gist about their day.

  • Creative/Fiction Writing - Here at campus connect we also support and promote creative works like poems, fiction drama, or a great piece that is educative and interesting for peers to read. This could also involve funny real-life experiences on campus and breaking news.

  • Art- A lot of students love art, this could be a sketch using a pencil or complex watercolor painting. We love great art content and will surely support such content.

  • Cryptocurrency/Blockchain/Forex Market- We love blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. A lot of students love the crypto markets and are gurus so to say in market analysis, here on campus connect we connect you with fellow enthusiasts who have the same passion as you. You get to share trading tips and strategies.

  • Music- If you have a great musical piece, you may be a guitarist or a drummer or even artist, you are free to make your posts on campus connect and receive the support of the community.

  • Video Games- Gamers and tech guys are also welcome here, you can share some of your favorite games here, explore and find great gamers like you here on campus connect. You could play matches together online.

  • Culture- Culture refers to people's way of life, here on campus connect you are free to talk about your heritage and your cultural core values from anywhere in the world.

  • Education Tips and Aid- Find and learn with students all over the world. Are you great with maths, you are invited to make posts about maths and other science subjects that fellow students will be interested to read and learn with? Whatever your passion or favorite subject may be, you can talk to us about it and engage with students worldwide.

In order to promote creativity amongst content creators, we will select the top 3 posts of the week, the niche of the post doesn't matter, we will pick and award prices to these great posts.


We look forward to your response and great posts.

We thank @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, and @steemalive for their solid support in the development of this community.


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This gonna be one of the promising general purpose community on steemit. I am glad that i will be sharing my art contents and music videos here.

Wow lovely. Glad we have a place we can call ours.
I hope to start sharing my works soon and connecting with other Nigerians too.
Nice one @whitestallion

We waiting for your content and love to engage with your great works.

Sure you will have them when I am set and the start button is pressed 😄

What a beautiful community enrollment.
I can't wait to start posting in @campusconnect,
As a student and health practitioner, I'll fully support this community by posting science topics related to health.
I'll also post biological topics like plants and animals.
I so much appreciate @whitestallion for his initiative to build this community.
We @steemalive members are solidly behind the success and achievements of this community.

We love forward to your great posts.

Very thoughtful.. Now all students can bare their minds and discuss salient issues,with a view to finding lasting support and solutions. Steemit it to the world!

It's going to be a national conference for all students. LOL

I'm getting ready to hop in already

Great bro, we are expecting mad and creative content from you.

This is a very interesting development. I believe it will help to bring Nigerian students closer and also boost communication and sharing of ideas amongst people. Building familiarity is pertinent for the development of any society, so this I believe is a step towards the right direction.

Exactly our mission and project target here at campus connect Nigeria. We look forward to great contents from you.

Real noice stuff.

Yes real cool, I look forward to your posts.

Of course.

Wao! good one...am already noting the areas where I can conviniently fit it

I look forward to your posts.

This feels like a one size fits all and I love it. I believe this community has a long way to go and I pledge to contribute successfully and communicate value via this community @whitestallion

Thanks so much for your support and we are more than happy to have your support.

This a good idea

I humbly invite you to my blog @euclid49

It’s about time we had a community like this 😌

Yeah bro, we got what we deserved. Cheers

Wow love this, this means one could actually write about anything.

It's good they are a wide range of topics we could possibly write about i think this will ensure eveeyone participate in his(her) topic of interest.

Yea, we wish to carry every student along and their preferred niche. We are happy to support you every active steemain.

Good morning @whitestallion am so happy to be part of this community and also making space for lovers of art to express their self and their works here I must say am so grateful with this I know this community will continue to grow massively

Hi, please I'm new here, I just made a diary post, and will definitely continue to be active in this community, I hope to meet new friends here too, please check out my diary posts if you can, thank you!

Hello and welcome to @campusconnectng, kindly check out our pinned posts for updates and latest information.

You can also join our telegram group via the link at the end of this post.

I will do that now, thank you!!

Fiction 😊😊😊 this will be so sweet thanks @whitestallion for this

How about posts that promote the community and holds my suggestions like this one
Link to the post @whitestallion

This is a great post, it's ok to post such posts in the community.

Oh wow.. thank you!!

This post has given me more hints on the type of contents I can make. Thank you.