A numerical obsession

It is a small experiment in creativity, you choose a word, search a free resource site for the image or photograph that results in a list, and then write a short narrative about it.

In order to ensure that the choice of the word that will generate the image will be random, the online tool will be used: https://randomwordgenerator.com/
For this occasion the word was chosen: Diameter


Source: PxHere

An old researcher was again working on a sequence of numbers.

It was impossible to know how many times it had started, how many times it had failed, how many times it exploded in fury and how many times it started all over again.

He has spent his entire life studying sequences and number strings, but for years he has found himself faced with an enigma that resists being solved.

Put all your effort and focus back on work. Having helpers or equipment available to help you would be a very good thing and would increase your chances of success.

But, it is not worth complaining about the lack of something that cannot be solved, he sighed a little while for a few seconds he distracted his mind when thinking about his limited resources, but then he concentrated again and tried not to blur.

Many times he had thought that he was close to the solution, but over the years he left those illusions and those irrational feelings, after all, he is a man of science and he knows that it is the constant test, clear reasoning and procedures standardized ones that can lead to success, not luck or some mystical elements.

A new failure, fury flares up again.

The old investigator would be throwing everything to the ground and jumping to his feet if the straitjacket didn't hold him and his legs weren't secured to the support.

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