Dawn in a New Era

It is a small experiment in creativity, you choose a word, search a free resource site for the image or photograph that results in a list, and then write a short narrative about it.

For this occasion the word was chosen: Dawn


Source: PxHere

The sun had slowly risen over the horizon, the aurora had already cleared, and the solar disk was clearly visible amid the horizon haze.

From the oil rig, the mechanic and the welder who was finishing a repair, he could feel the sun's rays gently warming their bodies.

"It's ready for me," said the welder.

"I completed recently" replied the mechanic "Let's go to the start procedure"

The two men made their way to the platform and entered the control room.

"All green. Startup procedure established. Booting up!"

The extraction systems were activated in the established sequence and everything was according to the procedure. Once the work was finished, the two men congratulated each other and went to sit down.

"We are the only ones assigned to this platform" complained the mechanic "That was what made us spend the whole night repairing things"

"True, but you know that this kind of job is not in much demand" replied the welder.

"It is incredible that this is so, even with the advantages of telepresence, very few people take these jobs"

"Well, you know, with the advancements in other industries, the decline in energy from burning fossil fuel and the boom in solar energy, well ... you could say that we are getting a little outdated."

"Hey!" the mechanic complained, partly in jest and partly seriously. "A bit old, but not outdated!"

"I remember that phrase, it was from the movie you lent me. Thank you for that, I will return it to you soon, I think it was good and I want to see it again"

"There is no rush friend, I have few acquaintances who appreciate classic cinema"

"You mean 'old cinema' hahaha"

"Now stop continuing with that that we are old, well, I have to disconnect, we will talk another time"


In the control room, two humanoid figures deactivated and their respective operators woke up many kilometers away.

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