[Fable] 3 dogs with different coats and disagreement

Source: Free Viringo Stock Photo - FreeImages

Much has been said that the grass in the yard on the other side of the sidewalk always seems greener or that the water from the spring envies the river as much as the river envies the sea, whatever, there is always something that can be longed for and no matter how much that you have you can always find something to be desired.
Three dogs met by chance while their humans were resting nearby, they were not well known or close to each other, but since they were very sociable they had no trouble starting to talk. They were a Viringo, a German Shepherd, and a Poodle.
"Isn't it cold to have so exposed skin?" the Poodle asked the Viringo.
"I'm very hot-blooded, it doesn't make me cold with such a good climate, it intrigues me more how you can bear having so much hair, doesn't it make you hot?"
"Not at all. I'm fine. Having hair is a good thing and my human loves it "
"But with all the care he needs, he sure does not like to go to the hairdresser all the time," said the German Shepherd.
"Hahaha. Well, I don't suffer from that and having exposed skin is not a bad thing when I apply sunscreen in summer or dress in tailored suits in winter. " Viringo showed his playful side.
"Well, my hair suits me very well, if I had it as short as you do, I don't think I would show it off" Poodle didn't like the German Shepherd's comment.
"I was not saying it to criticize, I do not think my hair looks bad, at least I am not so exaggerated as to have a coat that requires constant cutting or the absolute lack of it."
"Hey! Being bald is not so bad, besides my race has been like that for centuries "
"I am also like that because of my breed". Said the Poodle
"Well, your race is more recent than his". Said the German Shepherd.
"If that's why your breed isn't as old as Viringo's either" replied the Poodle.
“Now, let's talk in peace. If I am of an ancient race, but it is not to fight because of that, we were commenting on the fur. " Viringo advocated for peace
"Well, I think having more is better than not having". Said Poodle
"Are you looking for a fight?" Viringo asked with a joking tone, but with a bit of seriousness.
“I don't think so,” said German Shepherd “But, from my point of view it is advantageous not to have to deal with the fur, it is easier to dry yourself when you bathe and there are no knots to comb or untangle. I think they are pure advantages "
"Thank you, but having a little fur, as you do not seem to be bad, it looks easy to care for and is firm". Said Viringo politely
"Well, I think more is better". Countered the Poodle.

The discussion continued for a while, but when the humans finished their business they called them and began to walk to their respective houses.

“Is it really so good to have fur? I would like to try that sometime, but I will never have hair "thought the Viringo. "I think my human might like it."
"Not having fur has its advantages. Could it be that I shave and try to see how it looks?" thought the German Shepherd. "I think my human might like it"
"Having so much hair can be a nuisance, if I had less, I wouldn't go to the hairdresser all the time," the Poodle lamented. "I think my human might like it"

While they were each thinking about different parts, their humans casually leaned over to caress their heads at the same time and coincidentally said the same phrase: “What happens to the cutest dog in the world that has a thoughtful face?

Remember, whoever loves you accepts you just as your body is ... and if you are a dog, they love you no matter how much fur you have.

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