[Short Story] Village dreams

I am taking up some creativity exercises that I had done weeks ago. At that moment, I let chance take me to choose words in a random generator and with those words I would search for a photo that was in a free online service, but this time, I came across a series of short stories and various written that I wrote some years ago and that I have not shared in English, so I thought about translating and publishing them.


Source: PxHere

It was already dawn and he did not know whether to curse one more day of life or to thank for being able to wake up.

"Always the same," she growled as she got up.

He had lived more than half his life like this, his wife suffered horrors and preferred to commit suicide rather than return.

She saw that her son was still sleeping, what future awaits her? When she wakes up she does not remember anything or only tells beautiful dreams, if she knew the truth.

All the people awake, just like two decades ago, nothing has been able to change.

At one time she would have thrown herself on the floor moaning and begging for the nightmares to stop, but she had learned that it was no use.

After the assassination of the negotiator, when the war ended, the soldiers of the winning side disappeared without anyone ever being able to find out what happened and a demon entered their dreams, some said it was a punishment from God, others that it was remorse, that was not matters.

Every night that dark demon enters their dreams and tortures them in the most cruel ways, causes them the most acute pain and does not let them wake up, nobody wants to fall asleep, but the dream always wins at some point.

Everyone in the town suffers equally, those who have left, like him, end up returning, because from the nightmares they woke up bleeding, they saw the devil in broad daylight and awake. "What are you doing here? I'm awake!" They said, "You're out of town, now I can touch you. You're mine!"

He had to return, his wife preferred death and his son was left alone, he tried to explain what the rest of his life would be like, but he always postponed it hoping they would forgive him, the child is not to blame for what they did.

But the devil has no mercy. As soon as he was five years old, in the midst of the collective torture where he locked them up every night, where everyone saw and suffered, he told him:

  • You seem to get used to the pain

He was silent, he already knew that answering would make things worse.

  • Let's fix that, it wouldn't be fair for others to suffer and you don't - he said with a tone that showed a smile, absent on his lips.
    He saw his son descend into the arms of the dark creature and then he saw them go to another room, from which came the most horrible screams.

  • Do not keep crying man, total, when you wake up you will not remember anything, you will think you dreamed something beautiful - the demon said with irony, he listened to him nearby although he did not see him.

  • You're a bastard!

  • I'm what they earned!

Every night they fear to sleep, while they are tortured they hear the screams of their children and they live knowing that they will not believe the truth.

  • Dad, I dreamed of an angel, but it was very strange. - your child wakes up. During the night, a black shadow stroked his hair and veiled his dream while telling him: You really are innocent and I cannot harm you; I am not a devil, they say I have a lot of heart; I'm not an angel either, they say I'm too wicked Sleep well my child, you are innocent of the evil that I punish.

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