[Story - Part 2] Four Tasks: Metaphors of overcoming strategies

I am taking up some creativity exercises that I had done weeks ago. At that moment, I let chance take me to choose words in a random generator and with those words I would search for a photo that was in a free online service, but this time, I came across a series of short stories and various written that I wrote some years ago and that I have not shared in English, so I thought about translating and publishing them.

Source: PxHere

Task 1: Separate the parties from the diverse reality for the constitution of similar groups and achieve analysis or synthesis.
Task 2: Achieve power without fighting, combat mastery in successfully conquering objectives without potential opponents even knowing what is being done.
Task 3: Cross the impossible on the wings of an ally who provides information from a new angle of vision, listen and learn from the advice and experience of others.
Task 4: Set priorities and learn to refuse when the intention is not to deviate from the planned route.

Task 2: Mastery of Combat

  • My lord is sure of what he has done by bringing the nigroticos with him.
  • Vassal, stop being afraid, they are warriors of a word, they will do their part.
  • What if they don't?
  • Don't you think I don't have a surprise prepared for them for such a circumstance?
  • My Lord surprises me, his smile is almost scary.
  • Let's not talk more about the subject, remember that although they do not like to show themselves during the day, they will be constantly close to us from today.
  • Good, but that is the next thing my lord proposes.
  • We have already reached the observation hill.
  • From here the two guardian castles of the path are outlined, my lord, will you also negotiate with them?
  • No, that would be useless and extremely dangerous, I have nothing that interests them at this time and they would crush me with their armies. If I attack one of the castles, the other will respond to their aid, not so much for being neighbors as for their own interests.
  • Do they help each other out of selfishness?
  • Yes, vassal, in one castle the spellbook is kept and in the other the dagger that allows it to be opened, in ancient times they were separated and placed under the protection of two different lineages, neither of them trusts the other, but they would not like it to lose sight of the object they care for, deep down they long to fight and conquer their counterpart to gather power and use it.
  • That leads to a career of training and continuous preparation, but I do not understand how that serves my lord.
  • I'm not very clear about it yet, vassal, if I get closer they tear me apart but I can't get closer I won't be able to continue on the road. We better stop and think about this problem.
  • Difficulties? Our lord can count on us, we have wanted a good fight for years.
  • Spirits, I already thought about that possibility, but it would take a long time and it is a resource that I do not have in large quantities, I cannot use it in a battle for something that has to have another way out.
  • We could take the objects you want and bring them so we would continue the trip.
  • That if they were not protected by spells so as not to leave their respective castles, spells that can be broken, but you need your own body to make the request to break.
  • Wow, that was smart.
  • But we only have our own bodies, my vassal and I.
  • Two bodies and two castles, it doesn't seem so complicated.
  • It is if you think they can kill us if they see us. The best thing is that they don't see us and they don't kill us.
  • What a problem my Lord.
  • Yes, vassal, but ...
  • I think our Lord already has an idea.
  • That's how it is, nigroticos, I need one of you to go to one of the castles and bring me an object that has the mark of the royal family that inhabits it and another that does the same with the other bastion.
  • So shall.
  • Does my lord want personal items?
  • You'll see vassal, what if we prepare something to eat while we wait for the return of the nigroticos.

Breakfast was made by the vassal, and the master was pleased despite the austerity of the preparation.

  • I would have done better if I had brought more supplies for the trip, but it was so sudden and I didn't know where we were going ...
  • Nobody in the castle knows where I went, but don't worry, I won't take long to return.
  • It is unthinkable to leave the castle when the King is on his deathbed in the main palace of the kingdom.
  • I know he is going to die, but I cannot wait for the other heirs to take their actions without taking cover.
  • So that's why he embarked on the path of power, to be stronger and survive when the succession discussions come.
  • The King, my uncle, never left his own heirs, so the council must discuss at his death who of his nephews will be the heir, we are five first cousins
  • But you know that your older cousin has the upper hand, my Lord.
  • That is why the vassal journey begins, I cannot beat him in the current conditions and if I die trying at least I will have tried.
  • I think the nigroticos are coming back.
  • Yes, I feel the cold of your presence.
  • We are here, we bring what our lord asked for.
  • I do not understand why my Lord wants personal items if what he needs is how to enter and break the spells.
  • I can't go in if they're inside.
  • Is my lord going to force them to leave their castles using a spell on the personal belongings of their inhabitants?
  • I do not have to abuse magic, besides that kind of spells I do not know, I do not doubt that some of that type is written in the book of power, but I will find out later.
  • How are you going to do it?
  • Nigroticos, cannot remove the objects from the castles that protect them, but they can enter them, take armor to look like living people who cover themselves, attack the rooms for the protection of the objects, when they take them they must make sure to leave the garment from the opponent's castle, hide the object without being seen, seal it so that they cannot feel its magic and get out of there.
  • We understand that this way both sides will believe that they have been robbed for their counterpart, that will make them leave the castles.
  • Then it will be easier for my lord to enter and take them.
  • That's the vassal idea.
  • For a young man, the cunning of our Lord surprises.
  • They have wished and prepared for a definitive fight, I think it is time to give them an excuse to fulfill their wish.

The attack of the nigroticos was simultaneous in the castles and they destroyed walls with their spells to go out and throw themselves into the void, when the troops checked they found that they had fled leaving behind garments marked as those of their opponents, fearing that they would prepare to reunite the two The parts needed to summon the power of the book and the dagger were immediately armed and went on the attack without sending any previous negotiating emissaries.

  • Nigroticos, it's time to go for the objects they have hidden.
  • We will take them in flight and place them before them.

Once the objects were stolen from the castles almost empty of troops, the travelers watched from another mountain, already preparing to spend the night and advance to the next point the next day.

  • My Lord believes that they will discover the deception shortly.
  • No vassal, it will take a while, and when they do they will not believe it.
  • It's sad they never really know what happened.
  • They never expected that in a fight of two a third would take advantage for their own ends, fools and impulsive young people.
  • Well nigroticos, thanks to your help everything went smoothly.
  • Our lord is cunning, almost as arrogant and risky, we could not fight, but watching this battle is almost as fun as fighting.
  • I believe my lord that it is even cruel that those who could be your opponents destroy each other without even knowing that it is their hand that guides them.
  • I don't need them to know to fulfill my vassal purposes, let's rest and enjoy the view while I open the book and study its contents.
  • We would like to be able to fight soon.
  • I offer you that if we finish quickly with the tasks I will give you a fight that will reborn the memory of your existence throughout the kingdom.
  • We eagerly await compliance.

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