[Story - Part 4 end] Four Tasks: Metaphors of overcoming strategies

I am taking up some creativity exercises that I had done weeks ago. At that moment, I let chance take me to choose words in a random generator and with those words I would search for a photo that was in a free online service, but this time, I came across a series of short stories and various written that I wrote some years ago and that I have not shared in English, so I thought about translating and publishing them.


Source: PxHere

Task 1: Separate the parties from the diverse reality for the constitution of similar groups and achieve analysis or synthesis.
Task 2: Achieve power without fighting, combat mastery in successfully conquering objectives without potential opponents even knowing what is being done.
Task 3: Cross the impossible on the wings of an ally who provides information from a new angle of vision, listen and learn from the advice and experience of others.
Task 4: Set priorities and learn to refuse when the intention is not to deviate from the planned route.

Task 4: With silk gloves

  • We have already reached the entrance to the fountain, sir.
  • We don't like everything to look so calm.
  • I'm going to fly a bit to see from above.
  • Calm down, I think the best thing is to go in there.
  • Watch out angel!
  • What's up vassal?
  • The angel disappeared!
  • Where are the nigroticos?
  • They disappeared!
  • They can't have left, vassal. Vassal? Where did you go? I don't like this, I think the source has made them disappear. I'm going in guys, don't worry, I'll get you back. Although I don't know-how.

Upon entering the fountain, the walls came to life and the monolith in the center was illuminated, the young lord approached until the light did not allow him more.

  • You have dared what for generations no one has tried, tell us human, what do you want?
  • I have crossed the path here to be stronger, to be complete and take power.
  • Despite how selfish your words sound, we do not feel that greed within your being.
  • More than a wish, I need that power to survive against the other pretenders to the throne.
  • Let's see if you have what it takes to be a King.
  • Is it a test?
  • Sometimes you have to sacrifice something in exchange for other things, the cost of being a king can be the loss of your allies.
  • As?
  • Look into the mist on that wall next to you.
  • Vassal!
  • My lord, I am suffering, I need you to save me!
  • As?
  • Give up your wish!
  • What will you do prince?
  • I will not resign.
  • Your vassal has been consumed by our power. Surprisingly, you abandon a server that has accompanied you here.
  • It is important that I achieve what I want.
  • Look again.
  • You made a promise! Save us!
  • Nigroticos What happened?
  • It's a light trap!
  • Their consciences are going to disappear!
  • Unless you retire.
  • Never, I won't!
  • It's sad to see how little you appreciate those who follow you, but that's the way it is.
  • I'm sick of this test.
  • I think your friend with wings is also tired, look at the wall.
  • Angel!
  • They're going to kill me. You must desist, please.
  • I won't, not even for you.
  • We will dismember it and throw its pieces to the wind while it disintegrates in the same light that is its essence.
  • I'm not giving up. I won't!
  • Well, you are capable of sacrificing everything to meet your goals, but it is more fun not to give you what you ask for.
  • What do they say? I am denied power despite passing the test.
  • So you don't feel bad, we'll kill you too. Suffer no more.
  • It will not be so easy. Suspect they would play dirty, so take some precautions.
  • It doesn't matter, we'll kill you.
  • Attack!
  • You can't just against us.

The Prince spread wings, his hands and legs showed claws like those of a goblin, the darkness enveloped him like a cold cloak as the book appeared in the hand that covered him on his chest and the dagger materialized in the hand with which he attacked.

  • What are you doing? What are you?
  • It would have been easier if they did not try to betray those who approach them in good faith.

The prince destroyed the monolith with a direct blow and power was released, from there it disappeared and rejoined his castle.

  • Back home my Lord.
  • Vasallo, I'm glad they were right.
  • As an angel that I am, I had already heard in the heavens that the Source had been corrupted, we did well to destroy it.
  • The Source did not expect that we would all integrate into the body of our Lord, Angel.
  • Thanks to this we were able to create our reflections to deceive them, if it were not like that, that light trap would have been the end for us.
  • It's time to go in, it's almost dawn and I've been out for about four days.

When he appeared before his servants, the prince learned of the death of the king on the same day of his disappearance, as well as the beginning of the discussions of the council, a fight in which his cousins ​​were.

  • I think my clever cousins ​​have been busy in a discussion. Vassal, see to it that a messenger was sent to advise them of my return, I am sure they will be eager to see me.
  • Sir, the other servants have not seen the angel and the nigroticos are still hidden in the shadows as ordered.
  • Nor do they know that you are really a goblin, but everything will be shown in due time.
  • The message has been sent, but my lord believes that your cousins ​​will give it such importance.
  • I will tell you what I perceive, they have been arguing, my older cousin has achieved with different agreements and deals to dominate 50% of the votes of the council.
  • The other cousins ​​will not be happy, they will help each other to oppose him.
  • So he is vassal. They will unite against my cousin as soon as they know that I returned and they will give me their votes.
  • As?
  • They cannot beat him, they will let my cousin bother to come and settle my accounts and they will surely try to kill us both.
  • But how are you sure of all that?
  • By taking the Source, we took on new strength and abilities, I think you felt it too.
  • Yes, I felt it.
  • Tell the servants that when my cousin's personal troops arrive, leave the castle and leave all doors open.

The events took place as anticipated, the members of the council marked an almost equal position and the heir of greater weight and age found that his younger cousin and dedicated to the study became a problem when he returned from his strange disappearance. The answer was simple, the members of the council, the eldest heir and the other three cousins ​​went to the castle of the young Lord. Upon arrival, all the doors were opened and the servants left, indicating that the young lord was in the reception room waiting for his cousin, who was cordially invited to enter as he pleased.

  • Vassal, this promises to be fun.
  • My Lord trusts that his cousin will enter.
  • More than that, the counselors will be placed upon the balconies, the three remaining cousins ​​will go with them, my older cousin will come with his loyal soldiers directly against us.
  • My Lord's plans are not always exact.
  • Thanks for reminding me, but this time I have several alternative plans to solve that.
  • Where are you? I'm looking for you!
  • Cousin, I'm here! I already sent you to say that I was waiting for you in the reception room. What a nice surprise, the counselors and my cousins ​​show up on my balconies.
  • You should have stayed wherever you went!
  • You're here cousin, I'm also glad to see you.
  • Prepare to die!
  • We could talk about that a little more, I wouldn't want you to regret what you do.
  • Go dead!
  • Not so fast.

The elder heir attacked with his sword to chop the young man sitting on the stone throne in two, but the vassal took out a sword from his mage and stopped the blow in his tracks, it was like an impassable wall and then he beat his wrist and forced him back the attacker.

  • That force is not normal. You are not human! Soldiers to him!

The soldiers advanced, but fell to the ground with a blow of air that left them unconscious, wings came out behind the throne and the angel jumped, squatting on the head of the throne with open wings while the vassal rested the tip of the sword on the ground and placed his hands on the guard, with what looked like claws. The image as a whole gave a frightening feeling.

  • An angel! What's going on? Archers!

The archers drew their bows, but shadows emerged from the ground, grabbing them, making their flesh disappear by touching them and dropping their empty clothes and weapons.

  • What's going on?
  • The nigroticos are surprising, don't you think cousin?
  • How can you have nigroticos?
  • It wasn't easy, cousin.
  • So you pretend to be a sorcerer-king.
  • I don't think you like it, let's do it this way, I know you like combat and that you don't think I'm capable of winning you. How about a fight?
  • You think you can without using your monsters.
  • Don't offend them.
  • Let's fight!

The fight was quick, the elder heir did not expect the strength of his young opponent, and the latter's precise movements killed him without delay.

  • Considering that my late cousin had half the votes of the council, that all the other cousins ​​supported me before you to run for me, and that he is already dead, I think the council can make the acclamation.
  • We are surprised.
  • I already believe it counselor, as the first royal order I assign each one of my cousins ​​and the members of the council a nigrotico for their protection, of course, once the life of the subject ends, the spirits will be free to go wherever they want. I must warn you that if anyone tries to do or say something against me or my kingdom, the nigroticos will dry their meat.
  • That is too much!
  • No, cousin, it's not. They can now retire, please advise the servants that they can now return to their posts.
  • I don't think they look good, young Rey.
  • Angel, they are not happy, nothing went as expected.
  • The nigroticos will be free as soon as they fulfill that last task that you have entrusted to them. How can I return to my place?
  • Watch me, if I become a bad king, kill me. The way to your redemption will be to be the guardian angel of the entire kingdom.
  • And I must believe that you let me kill you?
  • It is irrigation that you will have to take if you want what you are looking for.
  • I suppose that's the way it is, what do you think vassal?
  • My lord will be a great King, the only hope of the schemers is that he dies
  • Well…
  • That smile…
  • A human who lives with nigroticos , whose vassal is a goblin and his best ally a fallen angel, who has also destroyed the oldest source of power known in the kingdom ... I do not think he will live a short life.
  • Did my lord take so much power from the source?
  • Enough to live and be King until I get tired of work.
  • It will be long custody for an angel like me.
  • I'll try to make it fun, come on vassal, don't make that face.

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