Unforeseen Travel

It is a small experiment in creativity, you choose a word, search a free resource site for the image or photograph that results in a list, and then write a short narrative about it.

For this occasion the word was chosen: Snow

Source: PxHere

I notice a layer of snow on the window seat. It's my first time seeing that thing.

I am in the airport lounge and the temperature is quite pleasant, we are isolated from the outside world. The windows are double-layered security glass with an interior air chamber that better isolates the temperature. We disembarked the plane using a sealed gangway that took us directly to this room without having to face the cold weather.

So the only thing I have from experience is what I see, a thin layer of that white thing that must be terribly cold. At least from my point of view, after all, my birthplace is in the tropics and I don't have great mountains nearby to have experienced a climate like this before.

We were traveling for a conference, much further south, but now I am detained at this airport in Toronto, Canada. I hope we can leave soon, as a longer delay could damage everything planned.

I shake my head a little and see the cold layer of snow again, white and shiny. That thing is frozen water, I guess if it fell on me it would melt and I could catch a cold or get sick from something worse.

It's better that I think about what to do with the time I have available, I had already advanced a lot of my tasks on the flight and in truth, I did it faster than I expected, so now I am quite free.

I look around and notice a young woman who seems a bit disoriented. I'm not sure what will happen, but I suppose I can get closer, maybe I can help, I hope I am not one of those people who have grown up in such difficult places that as soon as they are offered help they call a lawyer to lift a lawsuit for harassment, discrimination, sexism or worse.

I'm serious, recently it occurred to me to open the door to a lady who was carrying some packages in her hands in a European country, I thought it could make her life easier since it would be more uncomfortable for her to open the door by herself with her load, I I was standing to one side of the door and it was easy for me to make a small gesture of civility.

I was surprised when she returned with a police officer and she accused me of sexist discrimination, misogyny and perhaps even sexual harassment ... Anyway, they took me into custody, but I saved my consulate staff by sending one of the members of the mission to Explain that I am a citizen of another country and in my original site, if someone carries a load and we cannot help him to load it, regardless of his gender, then we open the door as a gesture of good will.

I got rid of the problem, but I learned later that the consulate suffered a furious protest from feminist movements that demanded the sexist and retrograde behavior of my country.

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