A Landscape Painting based on Art Master Edgar Payne

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Hello @ARTSteemit Community! This is my first post here in ARTSteemit. I am still new to landscape painting and this is just my 2nd landscape painting work. But I wanted to share to you this artwork that I did inspired by the old master of art, Edgar Payne.

This isn't the complete process but here are some photos while I was on the process of making this.





186543121_585536276056354_3305453103299400457_n (1).jpg

Here is my reference for this painting Reference Image

I am still learning and getting on with the gist of creating a landscape artwork. I hope to improve a lot and I will be sharing it here with you guys!

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much :))

Magnificient! it's sober

Thank you so much :))