Announcement of the winners of the contest "I love Steemit!" by @ARTSteemit and @veta-less. Final Prize - 66 STEEM!

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Dear friends!

Yesterday ended the creative contest "I love Steemit!"

I watched your work all two weeks and I was happy that you are so creative and talented!!

I think Steemit team @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemingcurators was also glad to see how much you love Steemit and are creative. I decided that all the contestants who left their comments in the contest post will be awarded!

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants!

1st place -20 STEEM - @claucor20

I am impressed by his work and elegant decoration, in the form of the inscription "I love Steemit!" This gold wire ornament he made for his wife.



2nd place - 15 Steem - @nelsondoor

@nelsondoor created an original pencil jar. He used tin cans, nails, and other materials in his work.



3rd place - 10 Steem - @grecoloco

I really liked how original the inscription was created from the maps of the countries, with colored flags. This work shows how global the Steemit is. And I also really like that people from all over the world communicate here.



4th place - 5 Steem @ekatirina

I really liked the optical illusion that was created using curved lines. The inscription looks voluminous.



Author's sympathy for 1 Steem all participants of the contest!!!

@keorlys, @jesuskin, @fariasrouse, @dianadee, @erickyoussif, @olga.maslievich, @heedysguevara, @vipnata, @liamnov, @bellana, @thecougar, @doubleg8, @marinave, @roshanee, @geralart26, @mitsy06



Thank you all for participating and for your love for Steemit!!

The announcement of the next creative contest will be in the near future. Stay tuned


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Congratulations to all winners!
@veta-less, thank you very much for your contest.

Наталья, спасибо за участие! Мне очень приятно видеть вас в сообществе! :)

А мне приятно, что сообщество стало узнаваемо и хорошо развивается. И мне нравится, как вы со вкусом выбираете работы.

Спасибо, Наташа! )

Thanks @veta-less for 1 steem - appreciate😊

Congrats to all the winners!

Thank you for your participation! :)

So enjoyed the process.Thank you😊

Hola @veta-less haces un gran trabajo para la comunidad. Felicitaciones a todos los participantes.
Estoy muy contento 😁🤗.

Congratulations on your victory! :)

Thank you so much @veta-less for the prize and for the work that you provide

congratulations to all other winners too...lovely entries

Congratulations on your victory! )

Спасибо за приз! Хороший конкурс! Рада, что приняла участие!!!

Я тоже рада очень! И мне очень по вкусу пришлась ваша идея! Поздравляю с победой! )


Gracias por la nominación! Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores! Hermosos trabajos!

Muy contento por tu nominación @veta-less mis felicitaciones a todos los ganadores! Hicieron trabajos geniales!

Hola! @veta-less ,muchas gracias por crear este espacio para los artistas!! felicitaciones a todos los participantes!! estoy muy agradecido por la nominación!!

Beautiful my favorite was the second place, congratulations to all the winners!! ✌🏼

Gracias @veta-lees, espero que sigan saliendo concursos para participar.