Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest by @ARTSteemit: Announcement of the winners of the week #1 and the beginning of the week #2

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Hello friends!

I was glad to see your photos of art objects! I hope we continue next week! I also have great news! We were supported by the Steem Team and @steemcurator01. So I increased the prize pool!!!

Any participant can take part in the contest!


1 place - 5 steem - 8 steem

2 place - 3 steem - 6 steem

3 place - 1 steem - 4 steem

So, to the Аnnouncement of the winners of week 1

1st place @alexandracruz

Punta del Este, Uruguay.
The Hand of Punta del Este


2nd place @vvarishayy

Great art from Karachi, Pakistan


3rd place @jesusdav19

Beautiful art sculpture
Caracas, Venezuela


My personal sympathies (2 steem)


Cossack horse at the 700-year-old Zaporozhye oak.


Also, each participant will receive 1 steem incentive to stimulate and search for new art!

We are starting a new week of the Amazing Art Around contest


  • For entry you just need post your picture in comment section below
  • If you would create a post - welcome! Entry could be posted in any community, but use tag #artsteemit
  • Title of every entry must contain "Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest"
  • End of contest will be after 7 days when initial post will be closed
  • Each participant can only post one photo per week
  • Announcement of winners will be in every new post of challenge
  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post

I ask you not to forget about the repost of this post, because the more participants learn about the contest, the more we will see beautiful art from all over the world!

Let's make our contest even more interesting!

I invite our team of curators to support this contest @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemingcurators





Congratulations to all the winners...great photos and unique pieces of art

Thank you @veta-less for these contests and for the bonus reward...i really apreciate it :))

My entry this week : Murano glass art

Murano is a small island in Venice and is known for the unique technique used for glass art.

This blue glass sculpture Named "Comet Glass Star" was created by the glassmaker Simone Cenedese and it's being displayed on the Campo San Stefano near the Murano clock tower and the San Pietro Martire Church.

you can click on the photo in order to see the image in full screen

Gracias a @veta-less por la 2da semana de esta actividad para compartir arte.

Comparto con ustedes un cuadro con los planos del arquitecto Oscar Tenreiro. Ganador del premio nacional de arquitectura en Venezuela 2002-2003.
Con estos planos participó en New York quedando de 2do lugar.

Foto tomada por mí con una Nikon D3100


Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest....


This is a very cute and pretty rabbit! But we will select photos of inanimate objects, not animals, for the contest :)

Here is my participation for the week 2


It's in Karachi, Pakistan.
The wall painting is in the Indus university.

Here is my entry in the contest!
A picture showing true culture of Pakistan. These sculptures are made to represent people from northern area of Pakistan

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-07 at 2.31.13 PM.jpeg

I congratulate you! I will be glad to see you in new contests!

I will participate 💯☺️

Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest"


A very beautiful moment and a colorful photo. But we will select photos of inanimate objects for the contest, not animals, birds, etc. :)

can i change it and replace another one?

You can leave a separate comment on the new entry :) Parrots are very beautiful, let them stay )) And other users will understand why I left a comment.

Спасибо, очень приятно!

Жду вас на след. неделе в конкурсах :)

This is amazing!! Honestly!!! I am very impressed! Thank you for joining us! :)
The post can be written to any community, but if you want, you can post to ARTSteemit https://steemit.com/trending/hive-121969

Боже мой, как приятно!!! Даже не надеялась на приз!!! Благодарю от всей души, @veta-less!!!

Поздравляю вас! :) буду рада видеть вас на следующей неделе)

Спасибо большое, @veta-less! Меня воодушевил ваш приз!))) Так что, буду участвовать и на следующей неделе!)))

Конечно участвуйте!

  • El árbol mas antiguo de Buenos Aires

obelisco recoleta arbol-9179.jpg


Nikon Coolpix L22Recoleta, Buenos Aires

¿Cuántos años tendrá el árbol? @jesuskin

Oh si! Que emoción, muchísimas gracias! hermoso lugar para conocer, Felicidades a todos! Saludos✨

I congratulate you! ))

What is the specific closing date (and time) of this contest?

@pennsif end of May 13, 18-00

Thank you - now on the list.

@veta-less! С Праздником! Прошу принять на конкурс)))

Эта красавица с кувшином стоит в усадьбе моей подруги...

Weekly Amazing Art Around Contest"


Для этой недели я выбрал одно старое фото.

Странный арт был найден во дворах Санкт-Петербурга в далёком 2009 году, уже не помню где точно. Странная инсталляция, рождающая во мне чисто хармсовские ассоциации.

А точно!! Вот прикол! я сначала подумала, что это поросенок с клыками))

не исключаю что поросенок с клыками - это как раз и есть самая близкая ипостась изображенной здесь персоны.... кхе, кхе...

Felicitaciones a los Ganadores!
Mi Entrada esta semana @veta-less


Detalle Monumento Campo de Carabobo -Venezuela

Aquí el enlace a mi participación

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-12 at 12.10.00 PM.jpeg

Hello this is my entry to the contest, I have Resteem the post and upvote too.


A Mother and her Child sculpture in Nation Museum

What3words location