Heavy Rain in my city , view from my balcony!

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Hello friends how are you all i hope you are fine today i will share with you a picture in which you can see it is raining a lot so it is raining a lot in my town today it has been raining continuously since morning till now it seems like it was very hot a few days ago It is raining a lot now and it is raining here now but it is still raining!

So what do you do on a rainy day I tell you mine I spend time sitting on my balcony on a rainy day and I like to have coffee on a rainy day There is water everywhere and our water supply system is not very good. If there is extra rain, but the water freezes on the road, it is a problem. Besides, there is not much problem with rain at present because we don't have to go outside.

It was my experience on a rainy day. Don't forget to let me know your experience in the comments!

No more for today!

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