The Diary Game #3 | 20.06.2020 | It was so much tasty to eat this dessert

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Hello friends, welcome to my post. I hope you are all well.
This is my Diary Game post. Looking at my third post, I hope I will share my daily life here from now on. Yes, but I will not share anything personal.

So now I will tell you how I made the dessert at home but I did not make it. My mother made it. My mother can make different types of sweets. So this is also my mother's recipe. My mother makes different types of sweets. Usually it is made today. Sadh was it. I ate it this morning. I can't say it's very husband. Its name is Kalojam or many people say whatever you call it.

I live in an Asian country I wouldn't tell the exact country because the means there was actually a lot more then when my mother was making it I saw how it was made I will tell you I will try to tell as much as I can remember first you will take Mix the flour and milk together and take it well. You put it in a pot and heat it on the stove for about half an hour. Then you can use a dog on it or use different types so that you can give things after this black color. A little sweet feeling will come.

Then when it is ready, you can put some milk powder on it so that it looks more beautiful like my mother gave me a little milk powder. It looks very beautiful and it was very good to eat for today. If you like my post, please vote for my post. Follow me. Thank you for reading my post.

No more for today!

Thanks for reading!


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