The Rare Times My Beagles Voluntarily Get Inside their Cage

in whalepower5 months ago


My beagles Markus and Luna are very playful and stubborn. No way can you let them stay in the cage the whole day or even just a second. However, when I clean their space and wet it with water and soap, they’d race to get inside the cage first before I do it. These babies are really against getting wet while I clean. They probably know it isn’t bath time and they hate to get filthy with the dirt.

I’ve seen them grow from being puppies and I am fascinated how these two are alike and how they seem to have their own personalities and preferences of things. They have the same breed and the similarities are a lot. This behavior of avoiding wet pavement is one of them. They’d both come up to me first before I clean their space and they ask me to open the cage for them to go in.

I have trained both dogs tricks but this is something I have not taught them. This behavior is really something natural in them. There are many other behaviors of my pets that I find amazing and smart. I will post some of them some other time and hopefully I can make a video or take pictures as they do them. It’s going to be much more entertaining.

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