Traditional shipbuilding that is assembled without nails.

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Hi all of you ..
How are you today, I hope we are all in good health and good condition, for this post we will see a little about the process of making ships in a traditional way by the coastal communities in Indonesia.



Another uniqueness of traditional ships is to combine wood in designing a ship, shipbuilders do not use adhesives such as special wood glue or nails, the process of making this ship is still quite simple and simple way, for cutting wood it must use a machine, then for the part of the wood that you want to bend, first grilling it on the fire, while the top of the wood is given a stone, the function is for the ballast so that the wood can be curved. After that, it is then designed using glue and nail pins. In making this ship do not use design drawings on paper like modern ships today, which are designed by architecture, because the manufacture is still classified in the traditional way. At present, for shipbuilding, it must prepare a sizable fee of around Rp1 billion per unit.


The wood used to make traditional ships is wood that must have preservative qualities. Preservation is wood that has wood resistance to pests, namely insects and fungi and quality strength, and certainly does not leak quickly which causes the ship to sink.
Types of wood used to make wooden ships include Semantuk wood types, Semantuk wood types have high strength and durability, this wood is used for heavy construction, this is related to the humid and soil-related conditions, this type of wood is also widely used to make all kinds of wooden ships in Aceh, semantuk is also commonly used as a ship bearing (logor), which is a bearing used to send ships from land to water when it is ready to be made.



Work on a traditional wooden boat can take quite a long time, which is between 6 months to one year, stay safe, stay home, protect our families from the corona virus pandemic and have a nice day.



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