The Butterfly animal of the phylum arthropoda

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"Butterfly animal".

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Butterfly animal


It is a kind of animal. These animals are usually insectivorous. Animals of this species usually fly and land in different places. However, most of them sit on different flowers.

This insect eats or extracts honey from flower pollen. These species are called butterflies, a very beautiful name. These butterflies are very beautiful to look at and they come in different colors depending on the species.

These insects also have a kind of moth. These butterflies are a plant belonging to zoology. Identification of these insect butterflies is often done in zoology labs.

These butterflies are elongated in body shape and have a pair of wings that enable them to fly. Their wings are brightly colored. Adults grow up among these butterfly animals.

The life cycle of these insects is usually completed in 4 stages. Adults in these butterflies lay eggs on food plants. They also produce larvae that look a bit like caterpillars.

The caterpillars grow very fast. When the transformation of these animals is complete, their wings expand and after they dry, they fly away.

Like other insects, these butterflies have a body consisting of a head, a chest, and an abdomen. The antennae on their heads are usually clubbed.

These antennas come in different colors. These antennas are usually used to sense fragrant air. These butterflies usually live for about 1 year.