TREASURE HUNT 2 Entry 👉 Grain , Seeds and Spices Art

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Hello Friends, This is my Entry for Treasure Hunt 2 (grain,seeds or spices) contest announced by @huntcomp official account for the competition. @whalepower community project.
Today my presentation consist of a colorful art made with Grain, Seeds and Spices.Grains we use mostly in our food and and spices are main part for making curry in different tatse and common foods ,
While making art work i took some shots step by step, by my smartphone i am sharing below . Please take a look👇




  • I used different grains for part one of my presentation,and red lentil to write Grain
  • Then with some seeds like carrot seeds, Melon seeds ,lady finger seeds and mustard seeds i made 2nd part of presentation
  • I used mustard seeds to write SEEDS
  • 3rd part of presentation contains some spices
  • With star anise i wrote SPICES
  • I tried to draw logo of @steem and @steemit with White and red lentils
  • In the end i used cinnamon sticks to make a border or art work...




I hope you all like my effort,
I say special🌹 THANKS🌹 to @whalepower community @bullionstackers , @huntcomp and
Some friends i would like to mention
@afril , @ernaerningsih, @hhusaini , @p3d1, @awie
🌹Thanks🌹 For supporting my art work.

Best Regards @Rashid001


Its so beautiful, so tidy and so wonderful. You the man of art work. Glad to know you my friends

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