Better Life :The Impact Of Covid-19 In Ghana Education

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Coronavirus disease which found it way into Ghana in March 2020 has really affected education in Ghana negatively.Because of the Covid-19 outbreak in Ghana March 2020,the government of Ghana called for the close down of all schools in Ghana.This has really affected the education in Ghana negatively.



@elliamor1 in Atonsu D/A school park

I went to Atonsu D/A primary and Junior High School to day to have some fresh air as i usually do at my leisure time. When i got to the school,i couldn't believed what i saw.The school i know to be one of the cleaness school in the area have turned into a bush.When i got to their football park,the place seem like they have not been any activities in place before.The park was soo bushy that even nobody would found you when you found yourself on the park.The park which i know to be a football park have now turned to an animal park.

The school authorities including the teachers in the school just abandoned the school immediatly the government called for the close down of school.I said they abandoned it because they did to come around to clean the school.The animals like goat sheep and fowls also use the classrooms without doors as their resting place.



(Atonsu D/A school turned to bush)

The closed down of schools also made the children to be roaming around in town doing nothing.Children are not like adult which can sit down and learn without the supervision.They like playing more than any other thing.


(Children roaming around in the closed school premises)

During this closed down,you will found children at place they are not suppose to be.Many of them have forgotten what they have learnt in school.Most parents do not have time for their children because of their job.They wake up early and comes home late leaving the children alone to be playing roaming around.This has negatively affected the children academically.

Let all help to prevent the spread by practicing social distance and also keeping our environment and body clean.We should was our hands always when we touch anything from outside our dwelling.Let stay home when we have nothing doing in town.If all the measures layed down by the Ghana health service is taking seriously by as,the spread will not be much which can also cause the opening of our schools.


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