The Articulation Of Synovial Joints, Wonderful Anatomical Motion In Human Structure

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Hello Dear Teachers, Students and Parents, it's very interesting to learn some of the Human Anatomical Structure that aid constant motion. This is the "amazing movement of the Synovial Joints" found in the skeletal system. These movements of the Synovial Joints are found in "pivot joint, hip joint, hinge joint, saddle joint, condyloid joint joint, plane joint and others." The least of the rotation or motion of this Articulation is found in the "Sutures", that's the skull. Because of the Synovial fluid that's produced at these joints, it enable a complete movements, helping us to bend, twist, rotate and lift our bodies.

Interestingly the Synovial joint is accompanied by some important structure that collectively known as "enarthrodial" (ball and socket); it also contain some connected tissue known as "ligament." These ball and socket cause a complete rotation or motion when the Synovial fluid secrete on them. Especially in the "scapulohumeral joint" of the forelimb; that's the shoulder joint and the elbow joint easily rotate, move or twisted as a result of the Synovial fluid. In the same process, the hinge
joint or the kneecap (patella) aid flexion and extension, helping to articulate movement of the femur which comprises tibia and fibula. The same thing applies to the other joints of the Synovial as I had already mentioned.



It studies of functions and especial how to take care not any of these Synovial Joints damage is very important than any skeletal structure in human anatomy. The reason being that, when they are broken, hurt or damaged it is very difficult to surgically treat them. Imagine when the patella is removed or part broken, it become difficult fix unlike the other bones, when broken fractured the Doctors can heal them. Then, there is the need to take good care of our Synovial Joints not to cause them to damage.


They are very important in our human anatomy, as they help movement possible. Everybody depends on the Synovial Joints for motion, the athletes, footballers, hockey players, tennis ball players, boxers, seamstress, tailors need the movement of the Synovial Joints a lot for their daily works. It is good that we take great caution to things that will enable some of these joints. In most cases, careless riding of motorcycle, cars can cause our Synovial Joints to break. Despite the fact that natural accident such as slipping because of lack of frictions and stress of the body that can make you lose your mind in the cause of walking on the road side. We can also eat a lot of calcium food to strengthen our Synovial joints, also vegetables rich in producing Synovial fluid can also help to ensure excess lubrication of the Articulation of these joints.


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