The Old Dog Presents: The Hey That Piece of Wood Looks Like a...............Contest

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Here's another fun and challenging contest for you! Grab your camera, Ok your phone and look for a piece of wood or section of a tree that looks like.....whatever you think it looks like!

Here's A Sample Photo To Get You Thinking!

Do you like my new donkey friend? Isn't he cute? I found him in my wood pile and set him free! Note: No animals were harmed in making this post!

Now It's Your Turn! Show me a Piece of wood that looks like a...

Here Are The Rules:

● Show me a photo of a piece of wood that look like something!

● Post your photos in the comment section below

● The photo must be yours NOT one that you find on the internet.

● Maximum of 2 entries per person

● If you make a post promoting the contest I'll try and give it an upvote as well

● There will be at least 5 prizes of 2 Steem each!

● The contest closes in 7 days

If you like contests and would like to see more of them here on the Steem Blockchain please consider upvoting my posts. Contests help our community so spread the word!

Until next time,


@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Let’s Succeed Together!


Great thanks!

I was surprised when I typed in on twitter and found you. I will try to retweet more of your posts if that’s ok....

Hello, @kus-knee! Here's my entry for this week: deer head and cute baby dinosaur.
Have You Ever Felt Like You Want to Strangle Someone? "Don't strangle a donkey." :)



Very well done!

You know i believe every living thing on this planet has a gender and you know there are times that mother nature does not let you see that probably like bugs , butterflies , insects damn even cats we mistake them , so with plants and trees i believe they also have a gender as you can see well i am not going to elaborate on this tree but he wasn't shy to show his gender , now that is amazing a well loaded trunk 😅 😅



My my my one never knows what one will find!

Haha...this one certainly caused a lot of laughs 😅

How fun! We love your contests!

Upvoted and reblogged to get the word out.
I'll be back with my enties after I hunt down some wood that look like some kind of thingajigs! @kus-knee

All the best to you!💫

It's amazing what we can find when we look!

These are my entries for the contest @kus-knee and link below

"Smiley Face"

Crabby McBarkass is in a bad mood because of years of his open mouth being used as a urinal by dogs and men alike!

"Crabby McBarkAss"

A better view, rotated with color splashed

"Crabby McBarkAss"

And a bonus, spooking "Saturday Night Live!"

"Oh no! Mr. Bill!"


I was late for your contest. But I have something interesting for him. Will this topic be continued?

We will have other fun subjects. Right now we are looking for lovable lizards.

I can’t help with lizards...))
Of course they are found here, but they run very fast, I don’t have time to shoot them :D

The Cannonball Flower Tree originated from South America it is a most beautiful remarkable tree it grows cannonballs the size of coconuts the fruit is edible, but is not usually eaten by people because it can have an unpleasant smell, it is though fed to livestock such as pigs and domestic fowl. I must say it does have a very unusual pretty flower this tree.

Entry No - 2.





luckily, I found something good enough to share -- a Unicorn's horn!

Very cool. Thanks!!

But can it be on the NSFW side of things lol? I mean it is a tree after all ;)

Let’s see what you come up with.

This is like a t...


This is like an Anaconda.


Well done!


Perhaps an elaborate landscape full of towering mushroom skyscrapers and lush moss gardens.


Or better yet some log steem..🤪

I like the landscape!

OK, let's try this even if it may be disqualified but it is made of wood and what it looks like is unmistakable.😎

Probably not going to make a post with this so soon but for those interested to know a bit of the story. Here goes.
This was spotted at Icon Siam in Nov 2019. It was a rather new mall which was having their 1st anniversary. I heard about this mall and had to check it out when I went #steemfest then.


Here's another one which kind of... well, just for the fun it anyway.
It's from an old post and it you don't recognize what it looks like, check out the old post. 😎


Yes that’s had some work done on it for sure!

A good piece of work with a story behind it too.

It’s amazing what Nature can create .... we are Nature too you know....

Though the technology we are introducing keeps making as less so. 😎

It is difficult to find an animal in a piece of wood, but if you do not have it at hand, the closest thing I have is a wood carving that I made a long time ago. it's a toucan, a heron, but sure if it's a bird ...

Nice carving!

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This monster was hiding diligently, but I found him.
and after

uh, probably I dont have anything like this at my hands distance. but the least I can do is resteem your post. very lovely idea for a contest, cheerio!

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