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RE: Coronavirus Panic, Closures & Nonsensical Insanity Distracts From the Deadliest Virus of All

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It was an off the cuff definition, the best I thought of in that moment without looking it up. Apparently should have copied and pasted from a dictionary, my bad... I do not resist or disagree with the official definition you posted at all, in fact I think that accurately describes what we are witnessing during this situation. I understand difference between precaution and panic, and most people seem panicked because of this, according to official definition, and imo not based on the reality but rather media hype intentionally manufacturing the panic. If not for media coverage, how many of us would even be aware of it?

Symptoms in some may be far worse than flu, mortality rate does not appear to be so, however many catching it are having very mild to no symptoms at all... symptoms seem to vary widely between ppl, and it seems near impossible to verify what ppl are contracting due to inaccurate testing methods.

Yes quarantines do separate ppl and thus diminish transmission but there are not quarantines pushed for a host of other ‘pandemics’ like the flu every winter. N95 Masks may help but can’t stop the virus particles themselves. Social distancing on the other hand quite frankly seems nonsensical. If it can be spread in the air, 6 ft won’t stop it, and if only through contact then avoiding human contact should do the trick.

To each their own, I am not concerned over this personally, but those who are can self isolate. Just seems to be a state of panic when everyone is taking what would ordinarily be seen as extreme measures for what appears to be an ordinary virus blown way out of proportion and context. Maybe in some cases not so ordinary, almost as if there are multiple strains of the thing going around.

I have hardly watched or read the news except for independent outlets, never even visited brietbart during this whole ordeal, and I am well aware the msm is more interested in pushing fear, hence my pushback against this msm-induced fear and panic. I certainly never conflated taking steps to learn more with panic, at least that was not my intention, as I would encourage everyone to research this from all angles, as there are many, just not approaching it from a state of fear.


"... I would encourage everyone to research this from all angles..."

Well, we are in strong agreement on that. I have read papers that discuss the lesser known symptoms I refer to in my comment, and those papers reveal that those symptoms like infertility don't only arise when people have bad flu symptoms. You don't have to have any other symptoms at all to have them.

It is still inaccurate to compare the CFR of SARS2 to the flu. It is orders of magnitude higher. The estimates of flu CFR I reckon credible are .05% - .1%, and SARS2 has approached 10% in Italy. Never has the flu caused that high a fatality rate, not even the 1918 pandemic variety.

The solution to enemedia disinformation isn't to simply believe the opposite of their lies. The best lies have a kernel of truth in them, or are even mostly true, but mislead in one important character - like to induce fear.

On my blog back in January and February I posted several articles with links to peer reviewed and preprint scientific papers that will enable you to make better risk assessments than you can make without that information.

When you're being misled, discover the facts.

Stay safe and well.

It would appear that the high cfr you point out is based on official death count numbers which have been demonstrated to be Hyperinflated and not at all accurate (and confirmed cases, which could well be way below actual # of infected, further lowering cfr). Only 12% of Italy’s corona deaths were actually listed on death certificate as covid19, while almost all of those were already sick with at least one other disease.

Dr. Fauci himself wrote in a medical journal that it was his assessment it was closer to 0.1 percent than high cfr of sars1 and mers with max of 1-2% based on studies.

Furthermore to my knowledge the tests themselves cannot be trusted as they are not testing for covid19 which may not even exist as such. Doctors examining the supposed virus under high magnification have found that what they are calling covid19 and Exosomes are identical, not only in size and appearance but also in function (attaching to the exact same cell receptors). Exosomes are naturally excreted by the cells when the body is sick, stressed, or exposed to toxins.

That they are not using what has been the gold standard for testing since late last century to test for this virus raises many red flags for me. Maybe not all the tests are the same, but it appears that the majority of tests are not isolating the virus and all else involved as that standard testing procedure calls for. I’m sure you are aware of this however, and maybe there are a variety of tests being used by now, and maybe some are going through this process, I do not know.

The Exosome research, however, has me wondering what is really going on here, and whether we are dealing with something entirely different than what they are describing as covid19. That some ppl have these extreme symptoms without the other typical symptoms further reinforces this notion to my mind. How can this virus behave so radically different in different ppl? Could some of these more extreme ‘covid’ cases be something else entirely, like effects of 5G exposure? Are there multiple viruses, one flu-like and one wrap mixed and released? I don’t know, but somethings don’t seem right here.

Obviously people are dying with and coming down with symptoms way worse than the flu, but at the same time the death count is being intentionally artificially inflated to add to the fear factor and raise the official numbers and cfr. CDC guidelines instruct hospitals to put covid19 as official cause of death based purely on “assumption” and even when it is only a contributing factor (as happened frequently in Italy).

I remain highly suspect of all the numbers being thrown out, and at this point can honestly only say I have no idea what is going on here, but believe the media/governments are lying about this, in whatever way that may be. More research and data is certainly needed to sort this all out, imo. Stay safe, and as free as you can :)

"I remain highly suspect of all the numbers being thrown out, and at this point can honestly only say I have no idea what is going on here, but believe the media/governments are lying about this, in whatever way that may be. More research and data is certainly needed to sort this all out, imo."

I absolutely agree.