Experts Going Against the MSM Fear-Hype Narrative

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Most of the information people are getting comes from what they consider the acceptable sources: mainstream media. They believe the media provides them with a balanced view, an objective representation, of what the experts are saying. They trust the media, because they trust the experts that they think are giving the media the information to relay.

Is this really how things work? No. The mainstream media establishment narrative most often pushes a certain narrative, not the conflicting information that goes against a given agenda they have. There is information that goes against the acceptable establishment narrative. The media either briefly mentions alternative information in passing as something that is wrong, makes fun of it, mocks it, or they simply don't mention it at all.

It's important to go looking for information ourselves, not rely on the mainstream media sources. Here are some experts who give alternative information that the mainstream media doesn't cover:

Dr. Ioannidis on Why We Don't Have Reliable Data Surrounding COVID-19 (Short version)

Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Episode 1 (Original long version)

This next one is with a very qualified mathematician who has a paper with good modeling on the coronavirus curves and how to best deal with it:

Perspectives on the Pandemic | Professor Knut Wittkowski | Episode 2

The below video has lots of good info to make you think, and also a segment with Knut Wittkowski:


I hope you can take the time to go through it and think about the information that the mainstream media isn't giving while trying to get you to accept their narrative which has false information. They don't talk about the CDC false death toll, nor the working remedies like chloroquine and zinc, but instead push a magical unicorn vaccine that doesn't exist as the only way to deal with COVID-19. There could have been less deaths.


Hi @krnel, I'm glad to see you back but sad to see you in this centralized world.
Please maybe you can explain to me why I see many people os Steem that had ideals against centralized blockchains?
Something I don't get, but if it is for the money I can understand.
Sorry to make this question to you personally because you were one of the most ethical and influential members of this community.
I read all your posts before the takeover happened, for being all centered in ethical behavior, decentralization, and power abuse.
Cheers, my friend and thanks for all your help and the enhancement of my motivation to keep on posting in the old times.
And hope your child is well and shining in your lives.:)
Big Hug!!!

 last year (edited)

Hey hey! People are attached to the name Steem and their invested time in that established blockchain identity. Plus, a rich guy owns it now, and he's popular, vs. Hive which doesn't have big money behind it or the name of Steem. I'm on Hive, but I still post on Steem, because why not :) I still get votes and tokens to sell. I'm not invested here. Not like me posting is going to make Steem survive, as if I didn't post on Hive and only Steem had my content. Some people just won't even start posting on Hive... odd.

My son is doing well, 2 months old now. Take care. Come to Hive and start posting again ;)

Thanks my friend.
I'm getting new ideas to finish my last chapter of the long saga of the Dialectics of liberation, with Decentralism. But just on Hive :)
Happy your son is all right and you are all safe.
Big Hug

those are all pretty great clips, I had seen two of them before but the Dr John Ioannidis ones were new to me so, thanks for that.

I do disagree with one thing that you said, or at least I hope that it isn't true and it isn't true with most of the people I know in real life

Most of the information people are getting comes from what they consider the acceptable sources: mainstream media.

I think one ray of light may come out of a lot of the past few years of media disinformation and that is that, at least among the people I know, that many are taking the media drivel with a grain of salt and looking for other sources these days.

I only know a few people that religiously look to major sources for news and those people are so wrapped up in the partisan nature of said sources that it is no surprise that they do so. They also tend to be the least informed people that I talk to and I tend to avoid current event conversations with them because I know they have been "compromised."

Glad I ran into you, following now.

That's great news for the people you know to be going outside the mainstream!

Mainstream media cannot be trusted. Much of what I listen to us alternative media. Yeah we need more whistleblowers. Excellent videos @krnel..

Right on!

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