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When we look up "sore loser" in the Urban Dictionary we find: "A sore loser is someone who loses in a fair competition but whines about it on a constant basis, blaming everyone around them for their loss except themselves." When you think American politics, does this sound at all familiar?

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To me it does: I immediately think of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party after the 2016 general elections. After the Democrats lost what were arguably the most easily winnable elections, the voter-shaming-machine went into overdrive, as well as the blame-the-Russians-apparatus. It was a sight to behold when the Democratic party establishment blamed everyone but themselves for that epic loss. This time around the voter-shaming is applied as a preventive measure, to prematurely cover their asses if Trump manages to pull of yet another "surprise victory". And this voter-shaming is ON TOP OF their usual hostile stance and rhetoric against their left wing voter-base; just look at how they joined forces to remove the only real progressive candidate they had in the primaries, Bernie Sanders. Somehow the Democrats believe they can win the elections without that substantial part of their potential voter-base, which is incredible to me, especially after the 2016 debacle.

On the other hand, this behavior fits perfectly in their overall losing strategy. I've said it many times before: it seems the Democrats WANT to lose the 2020 elections, or at the very least don't care if they lose. Tonight will be the first debate with Biden and Trump, with another one scheduled next month, October 22; it'll be interesting to see how Biden fares now that he's forced out in the open, away from the safety of his basement. Judging on his performances during the primaries, and on the Democrats' strategy of hiding him in the basement as much as possible, it doesn't look good. Democrats, it seems, excel at losing, not only elections, but at filling seats for the Supreme Court of the United States as well: they provide us with a make-believe performance of how they loathe Trump for nominating Amy Coney Barrett only weeks before the elections, but don't do anything to stop, or at least delay the nomination process. With this nomination, the Supreme Court now is likely to contain 6 conservative Republican nominated justices of a total of 9; since these are lifetime assignments, this will condemn the country to decades of conservative Supreme Court rulings. Nice job, Democrats.

Bill Maher Takes Voter Shaming To A New Level

Today I have two short videos for you, both from Kyle Kulinsky; the first is about how the liberals in the Democratic party and the mainstream media once again apply the losing strategy of voter-shaming as exemplified by Bill Maher, and the second shows the real reason why the Democrats are in danger of losing again against a man who never should have become the POTUS in the first place. They're repeating the 2016 playbook all over again and, in my eyes at least, they do this very deliberately, as if they don't care one bit if they lose, and by extension don't care one bit about the American people. I've on many occasions said that the only sensible vote in November is a vote for the Democrats, whoever their nominee is, and I still believe that. But in the end, and this I also said on those occasions, no one can be blamed if they do not vote for this bunch of natural losers, for that's what they are. Whatever happens in and after November, work has to be started to end this duopoly, this system of two corporate backed parties that are just two sides of the same coin. It's time for we, the people, to act as sore losers and teach them both a lesson they'll never forget...

The Rock Endorses Biden & Kamala With Vapid Platitudes

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