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I suppose this is a good a subject as any to begin a discussion in the Science Fiction Community.

It looks like the destruction of the Star Wars film franchise and Skywalker storyline is complete. There are numerous reports and reviews and Twitter spats coming out that confirm the worst. Sadly, the hope I had for modern filmmakers to salvage the Skywalker story from the clutches of George Lucas is gone.


Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 9.17.49 AM.png

They haven't even started to allow fan reviews yet. Even the critics, whom I generally don't respect - and went gaga over The Last Jedi - are giving it an average thumbs down.


Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 9.17.34 AM.png

For me, my love affair with the franchise ended with The Last Jedi. Initially, I thought the prequels had done that, but as Episodes 1 through 3 were produced, you could see appreciable improvements to the storylines and characters. While still clunky - and sometimes downright embarrassing - they at least all evolved the central storyline of Anakin Skywalker, his downfall and eventual redemption, while the last three seem to focus on nobody at all. There are so many storylines that I can't figure out what is important, the emotional journeys of our characters are rendered thinner than a sheet of paper and the blatant infusion of modern political thought and cultural sentiment into the exposition made my eyes roll right out of my head.


I never understood why a character of such insignificance was given a line of such weight but that also sounded like something from the subreddit /r/im14andthisisdeep.

Don't even get me started on the Mary Sue, Rey. She is the worst kind of character who is just imbued with so much power she doesn't have to struggle for it or the self knowledge to wield such power responsibly. She just can... because the writers said so. Luke Skywalker struggled with the fear of becoming his father, Darth Vader, and struggled to use and understand the Force, and he gained his true power as a hero by giving it up. That is a lesson about power and of faith. Luke had faith that his father would do the right thing by being an example. He would rather suffer death than strike down someone he loves.

I don't see anything like that in these new crop of films.

In today's world, we get space horses, characters that seek out power for power's sake, lectures on obtaining freedom by destroying history - never a good idea - and set pieces in place of excellent characters.

As a final note, I'll leave two images here for you to compare. I think they say everything you need to know about the film and who it's intended for, because it's not really for the fans or lovers of heroic tales.



Anyway, that's it. Rant done.

What do you think?


I just wrote my review (here is the link for anyone who wants to read it: and think the movie quite disappointing.

Despite a few good moments , it's one of the weakest movies in the whole franchise.

Thanks for sharing it! I'll check it out.

At least the prequels gave us some pretty memeable moments that stood the test of time and the actors were decent. This new star woke wars actors aren't really endearing to the audience in any way, I don't care about a single one of them. The force awakens was a decent start and I thought it had promise but the Last Jedi like you said killed it dead its tracks but hey it's Disney and we're committed to a 3 picture deal so we solider on.

Fans and the like will still fill the cinema even if it's a shit show, we see that with the EA games too, they're trash but fanboys will eat it up. It's not about quality it's about what's the least amount of effort I can put in and still be profitable.

I haven't seen the latest one yet, Cinemas in my area are booked full for a couple of days but I can wait lol I did check out some spoiler-free reviews and from what I've read its less than mediocre. Sad to see a franchise like this being ruined with bad story telling and PC culture also being forced on us in the process

At least we have Mandalorian...

and Rogue One!

This is the way.

Progressivism destroys everything

It's pretty sad to see an ideology that is founded in deconstruction worm its way into everything... even if it's good.

Don't think I'm going to bother with this one, after the last🙈....but we'll see😆guaranteed though I've seen worse lol ...what will they excessively milk and bastardize next?🍿

I'm with you. I'll wait until it streams for $2.99 so I can at least see some light saber battles. I love that sound design after all. I have a feeling Matrix 4 will seal the coffin on that franchise. At least we have John Wick, which has surprisingly gotten better with the 3rd installment.

yes it is upsetting to see them revisit a classic, you don't need to try and improve on such perfection 🤣 leave matrix alone!

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