Anybody Remember Automan?

in Science Fiction2 months ago

I was a little too young to have watched this series when it originally aired but I saw it back when the SyFy channel was the Sci-Fi channel and it would sometimes air Automan as an eight hour marathon during "Superhero Land" on mondays.

If any TV series deserves to be rebooted it is this show. It has '80's nostalgia but isn't Tron. It combines high tech with crime-fighting and could be made even more relevant now that more people have computers than in 1983.

I've collected a little bit of memorabilia from the show. I have a children's Halloween Automan costume. It's far from mint condition but it's authentic and I got a good deal for it on EBay about a decade ago along with an Automan action figure and some promotional photos and scripts.


What a weird show! It's like Tron + Iron Man! I love the 90 degree turn that car makes at 60 mph. Passengers necks are routinely snapped by Automan's driving I'm sure. :)

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