in COMMUNITYlast year

Tons of Communities have taken root and it's pretty rad. I joined a few new ones and am having fun seeing others have fun as well. I hope this infohub Community helps some find some of the things I find fun and helpful. Here are a few that imho are worth a look! Feel free to leave your community link in the comments section.

  • Communities Feedback is a treasure trove of knowledge and feedback about Communities and all the ins and outs and a great resource.

  • Winter Sports! @sportsgeek created a fun space for posting about all things icy , snowy, wintery yet cozy! I have a lot of respect for the founder of this community and am excited to contribute what I can to it.

  • Infowars Community A rather popular place for all those who want to post on their thoughts on all rabbit hole and red pill type topics. I think it will keep growing and getting more interesting. The Discord is reading a bit of a who's who of some real O.G. Steemians.

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(Communities, is this what is needed to end ennui? me thinks maybe so, gifs by tenor and giphy)

Hope everyone has a nice Holiday Season!



Thanks so much for mentioning the Winter Sports community! Much appreciated and resteemed

I wish I had more time to really dive in but thank YOU for resteeming and wishing you a very Happy Holiday :)

@battleaxe, Steem Communities now opening new perspectives towards boosting the Levels Of Engagement and in my opinion this space can open the door of high rate of Adoption. Stay blessed.

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With some exceptions I feel Communities is a more level playing field then the tribes. It's much faster , no lag....big plus on that. Thanks for the comment :)

Welcome and that sounds great for sure.