Einstein vs Tesla: The Time Has Come For the Truth To Be Shown

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Many times i have said, "Everything i learned in college science class i later learned was wrong, EVERYTHING!"

And, i am going to try to give a taste of that here.

Which do you believe in:

Einstein or Tesla?

Tesla vs Einstein

Most people would start off with, "I choose both" or "why do i have to make a choice"?

However, there is no choice. It is a choice between A and Not-A.

Is it really that linear? That black and white?

YES !!!!

- - - - - - -

Now, i will try to explain why these two are diametrically opposed, and why "modern materialistic physics" holds up Einstein as the pinnacle, and never talks about Tesla (except to see he was a fraud)

Tesla brought us:

Modern AC Electricity
Wireless Communication

(and if we include the ones he demonstrated for newsmen)
Wireless transmission of electricity
Infinite fertilizer
Solar power
100 foot long lightening arcs on command

Einstein brought us:

Atomic bomb (maybe)
A refrigerator (stolen)
A very confusing theory that few can understand.
A theory that can't really be tested.

(the longest lightening arc after Tesla was 110' in the middle of the Arizona desert when a substation melted down)

So, if you had to choose, the column on the left or the column on the right, which would you choose? Most of you would choose the left, and would also wish the other to go away.

- - - - - - -

But our preferences have nothing to do with science, right?

Ask yourself, why hasn't any scientists repeated the demonstrations that Tesla used to give news reporters? Are modern scientists unable to do what Tesla did regularly? So much so that we say that what Tesla did was a scam, a con?

Or, is there another explanation?
That everything you have been taught about modern science is wrong?

The root assumption of Tesla is aether physics.
The root assumption of Einstein is that the aether doesn't exist.
(and thus the reason its comparing A to Not-A)

You may remember Einstein's main contention was about "spooky action at a distance".
And Einstein's assertion that the speed of light is a constant, and that nothing travels faster.

Unfortunately for Einstein.
The speed of light varies. (every time it was measured. It changes over the day; It changes year to year.)
The speed of light has been broken. (yes, in a desktop experiment, a force reached the other end faster than the stated speed of light)
And spooky action at a distance has been shown to occur (entangled particles as one example)

Fortunately for Tesla
Aether physics is being shown to be more and more correct
The electric universe model explains everything Relativity sorta explained, but better (and a bunch of other stuff), and much easier to understand.

The foundations of the Theory of Relativity are gone, destroyed, disproven.
I could bore all of you with a disproof of every single supposed proof of relativity.
(Relativity was said to be correct because it was more accurate at predicting the position of Mercury. 96%
However, a female astronomer worked out a theory that is 99.9999% accurate, and it doesn't involve relativity)

But even with every supporting pillar smashed, modern materialistic science professors still teach Einstein as gospel.
(as it is a religion, the new state religion)

So, do you believe in Tesla or Einstein?

- - - - - - -

All images in this post are my own original creations.

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