ecoTrain QOTW TIE-UP POST "Are you worried about Coronavirus, and what are you doing differently (if anything) since you heard about it?"

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Thank you to all who took part! I'm sure many of have had enough of the Coronavirus story as much as you have of the Steem Tron! What to do, there are so many topics in the air these days with so much intensity. In fact, it really does seem that whatever happens in our world these days, people seem to get very emotional and upset. I think this is a result of social media pumping out their agenda, and a general push back against people being oppressed.

Anyways, back to this tie up post! It seems that many if not most of us have our head screwed on and are not doing crazy things, like some are.. such as gargling bleach! OMG, yes someone did that! Most of us are taking a balanced approach, which I think is very wise. If we panic and take extreme measures, we may end doing more harm than good! Wearing a mask when you are not ill yourself is a prime example! What is important is to clean your hands and dont touch your face. Try not to touch strangers and make minimal contact with things. Carry a hand sanitiser and use it. These are simple things and can really help.

What is, perhaps more important to stay healthy is to not succumb to fear, or live in fear. Our immune systems can keep us healthy and well, but we have to stay calm, and not let things get to us too much. If we spend our days worrying and barely go out it makes us weak. We need exercise, healthy food, and we need to get outside and see the sun!

So please check out what the ecoTrain community said, some very nice posts.. as always!~


Be aware but do not live in fear - The Coronavirus

Just like all viruses, it causes a flu and what we all should know is a flu is not the same as catching a cold.
Yearly once or even twice the flu visits a country and it's never what "we" expected from it. Vaccinations given by governments seldom help against that particular flu and yearly we hear the same news (months later) it was the wrong vaccine.

I find viruses intriguing.
It's amazing how fast they change, travel and know how to survive.
Viruses not only cause the flu but tumors as well. They attack the immune system and no matter if it's a fast killer it can weaken whole nations and even influence the economy.
Not only humans make good food, so do animals and plants.



Covid-19, a death crown?

When a global epidemic breaks out, it sets off justified alarms and also the consequent media show to grab attention and have the boom as bait to secure audiences and raise their own ratings. The misfortune of many turned into the fortune of few, or as @ecotrain would say in the preamble of this interesting QOTW:



Are you worried about Coronavirus

Bounty from my garden.
I wrote a post last week, about how Fear Creates Dis ease and it was inspired by the panic that has been created by the Coronavirus. Which fits in very well with this weeks, Ecotrain Question Of the Week.

Why? Because Stress is one of the biggest killers in the world and nothing brings on stress more than fear.

Most of the world seems to be in a panic about this flu virus and for sure, those who are already in ill health, it is a real concern, because if your immune system is already compromised, then the flu can be deadly. From what I have seen it has mainly been affecting people who are already suffering with their health, especially the elderly it seems.



#coronavirus #covid-19 - What Am I doing Differently?

The fear and panic around covid-19 is an astounding case-study of herd mentality, media beat up, disinformation, misinformation and neurosis.

This scene from the Thai post office yesterday says it all, really:
Yes, as the image suggests, Thailand Post is now sanitizing all incoming mail parcels. Despite the science showing the virus can't withstand warm temperatures (currently it is 32C/90F) and that covid-19 rarely survives on hard surfaces for more than 5 hours (Thailand Post not exactly known for its rapid deli


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I am doing the same as always. I am 28 years old with a good diet and workouts. So I have no fear, leggo!

LOL... appreciating your opening image. I HAVE lived through ALL of those - all the panic and hysteria and the drama - and survived. I DID get swine flu in 2010 and was down with a ghastly flu for about 2 weeks and quarantined for 7 days on return, but it wasn't a crisis by any means.

Nice challenge, that was. Thank you.

Keep up the great posts, blogging, photographs, vlogging & inspiration.

With Love From ecoTrain