Steem Question Of The Week Season 6 #2: Stress Busting!

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Welcome to this second QOTW for Season 6 on Steem! If you haven’t guessed by now the theme for this season is mental health. Our collective mental health has never before been so challenged in this way. I think there are very few of us who are currently in good shape in their mental / emotional world. How could anyone really be expected to be in good mental health whilst the world has been taken hostage either by a virus or some hidden global elite power. Perhaps Buddha could laugh this one off, but most of us are not Buddha, and right now we need all the tools, help, guidance, understanding, and compassion that we can muster and share!

If you are one who is able to keep your heart open, feel joy, peace and love during these challenging times then we want to hear from you! Please share about what keeps you positive, what you do to feel good. Maybe you have a clear daily schedule and structure. Maybe you have a wonderful close family who support one another and get on well. Perhaps you attend group rituals like cacao ceremonies. I know that some of us meditate and do yoga to help stay in good spirits, so please do share with us about your practice so we can learn and be inspired through reading your words.

If on the other hand you are struggling and have so many challenges that you feel overwhelmed and very unhappy then please also share with us how you feel and what your challenges are. We are listening and perhaps you will feel better just being able to really write and share about the things that you find difficult in life.

I believe that this question is going to become even more important in the coming months ahead. Whilst some lock downs are relaxing in some countries as the weather improves, we should be aware that this is not over by a long shot, and it is very possible, even likely, that things will get much worse than they already are. If a new strain of COVID19 emerges in the late part of 2021 it is more than possible that our current vaccines will become ineffective. There is more than a good chance that further waves are coming, and these will be met with even more stringent and severe loss of our freedoms and rights. When this is coupled with an economic collapse, which is also more than on the cards, we have to be ready for some much harder times.

Whilst I can not say for certain if this will happen, there is enough of a possibility that i believe it is vital that we arm ourselves with the knowledge and tools that we are going to need to all pull through this with grace and ease. The most serious threat to humanity right now is our mental health. More people are suffering and dying from mental health related issues than from any virus! Let us keep our eyes and hearts open, and share with each other this week!


"Q. Stress busting!"

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