Why I don't grow flowers anymore

in ecoTrain27 days ago

A beautiful yellow flower. I don't know it's name but it was very pretty. It lasted for two days and it dried off.



Eventually, the plant couldn't survive. The climate in my city can sometimes get too harsh and flowers can't survive unless there's some special conditioning.

And to be frank I am not that good at growing flowers. They are sensitive, and need constant care to get the best output.

I am good at growing big fruit trees. I have a Mango tree, Chiku tree, Papaya and others. I understand trees well and understand their needs.

The major reason why small plants don't survive is that I sometimes forget to water them. The last time my rose plant couldn't survive was because I was traveling and I couldn't water it.

When I came back home after two weeks the rose plant had dried completely under the harsh sun.

So, I finally decided not to grow any herbs, and shrubs. I only grow big majestic trees that give me fruit, air and they add quality to my otherwise boring life.