Walking by the river in dry season.

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Dry season is quite tough for the river, fish and fishermen. The dams in China would keep water for making electricity. This River originates in high mountains in Tibet! Then it runs through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia. So, millions of people living along this river will suffer because of almost twenty dams in China and Laos!


The river has dried up very fast. People will soon be able to walk across to Laos!



Some retired civil servants have built a nice house by the river. A good decision to escape from the future global melt down.





The fishermen village will survive this drought! Life is simple around here. Local villagers find food from the woods, bamboo jungles and the river. Luckily we don’t have the problems of earthquakes which will become more frequent in the near future. The earth is changing fast naturally while people around the world are being manipulated by fear of man-made bio-weapon. So many lives will be lost because of this cruel shenanigan. Most will have no clue as they did but have a chance to access relevant information. The Georgia Guidestone with future plans for the new world order has been a stark warning. It’s time to do something before it’s too late.



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