Why environment is priceless gift for our life and why we need it protect ?

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We all know about the environment that whatever natural resources are available on this earth are part of the environment and together they form the environment on the earth. These natural resources include earth, air, water, sunlight, trees, plants, animals and birds. Life on earth is possible only with the presence of these natural resources. Nature has given us this invaluable gift of environment. All the things we need are also available from this environment.

Everything we need to live life is available to us from this environment. Such as air for breathing (oxygen), grains for food, fruits, vegetables and water for drinking. Without any of these elements it is impossible for humans and animals to survive. Earth is the only planet in the entire creation where a balanced environment is available, due to which life is possible on this planet.

Man is not able to handle this priceless gift provided by nature. He is exploiting it indiscriminately for his selfishness as well as polluting it. Due to all this, the balance of environment on the earth is gradually deteriorating and many new diseases and disasters are being born on the earth. Man's negligence is forcing the earth not to become a habitable planet for the coming generations.

Due to disturbances in the balance of the environment, unnatural weather changes such as excessive rainfall in a year, very dry conditions in a year, very cold, sometimes very high heat, earthquake-like conditions arise. This climate change has an impact on the entire environment, like sometimes the crop gets cured but sometimes all the waste, new diseases are born in every season.

Due to excessive use of chemicals in farming, soil nutrients are getting depleted, as well as humans are becoming effigies of diseases by eating crops grown from them. Before science can solve a new disease, only another disease takes birth. Due to the selfishness of human beings, air, land, water are all getting polluted and in such environment it is becoming difficult not only to stay healthy but also to breathe.

Now the time has come for man to stop harming the priceless gift of nature due to his selfishness. Do not pollute it by uncontrolled tapping and adopt natural remedies. If a person is determined then he can save this environment by adopting many small measures. Planting trees on every auspicious occasion, not polluting the rivers in the name of worship, limited harvesting of forests for wood, not using chemicals in farming, etc.

The development of science and technology is very important for the development of the earth and the animals living in it, but not at the cost of the environment. We must use these techniques but also make sure that it does not cause any harm to our environment which is not only difficult to improve but also impossible. What are your thoughts, please comment.


Priceless gift, but there is a price to keeping it!

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